Hi my name is Adeste Sipin I am the interm director of student services here at Nevada State College and this is a tutorial to teach you how to withdraw from courses now you need to be aware of important dates so that you know when the last day to withdraw is to access those dates you can look at the academic calendar by going to www.nsc.edu/calander.asp if you receive financial aid, you may want to speak with a financial aid counselor before you withdraw withdrawing from courses may or may not affect your ability to receive financial aid in the next semester you can contact them by emailing [email protected] or by calling 702-992-2150 do you want to talk about the pros and cons of withdrawing? Academic advisers are here to help explore those options with you To talk to an adviser you can call 702-992-2600 to schedule an appointment or email us at [email protected] To withdraw from courses, the first thing you want to do is log onto you myNSC to log onto myNSC you can go to nsc.edu and than at the very top right corner there will be a link that says myNSC go ahead and click on that link and it should bring you to a page that looks like this after you log onto myNSC you will notice a link that says student center so go ahead and click on student center for Scotty the Scorpion this is his class schedule he is enrolled into two course management 480 and marketing 301 to drop one of those courses, you want to find this link that says enroll click on enroll and than at the top make sure that the tab is on drop and than you will select the current semester and find that green button that says continue then it will ask you to select which class you want to drop in this case I think I want to drop management 480 find the check box, click select, drop selected courses now it’s going to ask you to confirm that you indeed want to drop that course find that green button again make sure that it is the right course you want to drop and then you can press finish dropping if it is not the right course you can press cancel or previous to go to the previous screen then you will see your results a check mark next to the class will indicate that it was successfully dropped an X will mean that there was an error in this situation there is a check mark against management 480 which indicates that management 480 is dropped has been dropped now if you receive an error sometimes you would need to do a petition for a withdraw from a course to do the petition you may contact the petitions office if it is a Liberal Arts and Sciences course at 702-992-2600 for School of Education courses you can contact 702-992-2522 and for a School of Nursing course call 992-2850 and this is how you can drop a class