now perhaps choosing its words carefully
as all the related players continue to digest this huge news the United States
has expressed its disappointment and concern over South Korea’s decision to
withdraw from its military Intel sharing pact with Japan can hyeongyu with the
details US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says
he’s disappointed with Seoul’s decision after South Korea announced it was
withdrawing from its military intelligence sharing pact with Japan
known as a general securio military information agreement orgeous Omiya
we’re disappointed to see the decision that the South Koreans made about that
information sharing agreement we were urging each of the two countries to
continue to engage to continue to have dialogues at a joint press conference
with his Canadian counterpart in Ottawa on Thursday
Pompeyo said there’s no doubt the shared interest
of South Korea and Japan are important to the u.s. nations Pompeo said heald’s
the two countries can begin to put their relationship back in exactly the right
place the Pentagon also voiced its worries spokesperson lieutenant-colonel
Dave Eastburn said at the Pentagon expresses a strong concern and
disappointment that the moon’ administration has withheld its renewal
of the military intelligence sharing agreement with Tokyo Eastburn also said
the u.s. believes the integrity of the three countries mutual defense and
security ties must persist despite frictions in other areas of the South
korea-japan relationship here that the US will continue to pursue bilateral and
trilateral defense and security cooperation with the two nations on
Thursday South Korea’s top office announced its decision to withdraw from
the Intel sharing pact with Japan Seoul’s decision means the agreement
will end in November Connie moo Arirang news