United Nations Secretary-General
Ban Ki-moon is in Cambodia on Wednesday, visiting
the UN backed tribunal dealing with mass
killings and crimes committed by
the Khmer Rouge. Under the brutal Khmer Rouge
regime of the 1970s, two million
Cambodians died. In the Tribunal’s first case,
Comrade Duch, who oversaw the
operation of the notorious political prison S-21,
was convicted. The Secretary-General called
the trials a “victory”, not just for the victims,
but for the survivors, who can now see
“justice” being done. He said it was
“fundamentally important” that the world continues
to insist on “accountability” for those responsible,
saying it was his hope that the tribunals would leave
a strong legacy in Cambodia. He also urged the
Cambodian Government to respect the
independence of the court. Four other surviving
Khmer Rouge leaders have also been indicted
and will be tried next year. For Live UN Video visit