Alright. Currently outside with the mistaken
idea that Aurora would be more preoccupied. I would be able to concentrate on this, that
does not turn out to be true. So I wanted to do this video to acknowledge although I
am currently living below the poverty line in income Iam not as impoverished as a lot
of people would be in this situation because I did have access to money directly before
this situation. I have been very blessed in a lot of ways. There are actually a lot of
resources you are given when you are on social assistance that you don’t have access to if
you have more money. In a lot of ways I am very lucky. I live in a place I normally wouldn’t
be able to afford on social assistance. In fact if I moved I would not be able to find
something on the amount they a lot you for housing. I only have to pay about half of
the extra money on housing for my current rent cause I share it with a roommate. It
makes it a lot cheaper for me. I have access to 2 out of the 3 bedrooms we have in suite
laundry we have a clean bright apartment with lots of sunlight that has hardwood and ceramic
floors throughout it. I would not be able to afford even before I was on social assistance
by myself. I lucked out finding this place. Its my place for 2 years and I am able to
rent out the third bedroom to different people as needed. We also have in suite laundry,
which is awesome. I dont have to go to a laundry mat or even go in my own building and pay
coins to do it. I can do laundry whenever I need to. Which means I also have access
to another big blessing which is cloth diapers. I haven’t had to buy disposable diapers although
I do use them at night and sometimes when we are out and about it is not a necessity
its more of a luxury because Ido have access to cloth diapers. SO if I would wake up 3-4
times a night to change her diaper I could use them during that time period too. I actually
had my cloth diapers given to me which is amazing. I got a lot of stuff given to me
even though I was not on income assistance at that time. My car seat was given to me
my stroller was given to me I had a lot of toys and stuff she has now out grown like
the bumbo seat and stuff which I was able to use during that time period. I have had
at least 75% of her clothes given to me which is amazing and both new and used gifts, baby
showers, birthdays, Christmas as well as stuff my friends children have out grown. I live
in a safe neighborhood we have a backyard which means we are now able to have a garden
this year and I will be able to have a lot more access to cheap entertainment ie sprinklers,
pools and things we would not have if we lived in an apartment at least not as easily. There
are a lot of really cool free water parks in Vancouver. The other thing is I live in
Vancouver so there are a lot of free parks. I live within walking distance of 3 parks
she can play at. I live a short drive from Burnaby Central Park which we can go walk
in the forest. I also breast feed so we don’t have that added expense of formula. She is
15 months old so I don’t know if babies are still using formula. Probably are since she
is still using breast milk, they probably still use formula or milk. I have access to
things on social assistance that other people don’t. There is this nonprofit grocery store
called quest that you need a referral to use. What they have there rotates but there produce
is extremely low priced. It is not the best quality of courses, it is kind of going off
at the time they sell it. But it is decent produce that i can use right away. They have
a lot of organic and natural stuff that I can stock up on. It is not consistent each
time I go there, but every time i go there there is something I can buy. Which is an
amazing resource. There is also something called the leisure pass which if you make
under a certain amount of money in Vancouver, ie people on social assistance or provincial
disability, you are able to go swimming and skating for free and also there are a lot
of other discounts. You are able to take a class every term or every session one class
for 50% off and they are fairly decently priced already that is good for a year. Thank you
for those gardening shears that you picked up that’s awesome. I just want to acknowledge
that of course my kitchen is still stocked I still have my spices and condiments and
stuff i have stock piled. I have toilet paper, detergent, cosmetics and that I have access
to I have a safe reliable vehicle. Its not a new vehicle but it is safe and reliable.
I have my insurance paid until July. there are a lot of expenses that I don’t have to
incur right now that if i am still on income assistance its going to be a lot more difficult
at that point in time and I would be a lot more impoverished as those things do run out
I will have to replace them. But i just want to acknowledge the fact that i am so blessed
to be living how i am and how I set my life the way i did, not knowing i was going to
be on income assistance. As an environmentalist trying to live with as little foot print as
possible also makes things a lot cheaper buying second hand and sharing things when you can
that’s this weeks video I will see you next Tuesday. Bye