We are from United Mangaloreans Kuwait(UMK) We are celebrating our 5th year For this year we have chosen to donate your De-Marcede orphanage. so sister, can u please tell us about your orphanage? Our Orphanage is De-Marcede orphanage, It was started at 1943. and it was for poor children, to educate the poor children Most of the children here, who don’t have parents, and poor. and many children who need of good education, we take care of the children who are on streets, and the children of uneducated poor parents The children completes their secondary level education here. This year we have around 78 children in our orphanage. after completing there 7th grade education, we send the girl children to our other Bijai girls orphanage, for their higher education and, for brilliant students, we send further for higher education and support them to be independent Boys are sent to Boys Orphanage at Padave in mangalore. We don’t leave these children to discontinue their education in between and we support them to be independent at the end. Here this year, many small children are there, who don’t have parents. But now a days, due to high price we are facing difficulty in providing and fulfilling these children basic requirements like, their books, uniforms and others which we provide them. When you received the call from UMK about donating to your orphanage, how you felt? We are very glad that you people came forward to donate, I praise the Lord. I wish that your organization to grow and be united always, and we pray for all of your family be in good health, How you will going to utilize the donated amount? For children, we need a dining hall. we need shelter for drying the washed cloths of children. We don’t have a good hygiene kitchen for these children, it is all broken, We will utilize the amount which UMK donates for these purpose. It is estimated of around 50,00,000 Rs, with your help and support we will carry on this noble work. We pray for all who donated us through UMK, and we pray for their family, children, their jobs, business. We, our sisters and children, will always pray to God for your success. Thank you