There are many reasons why people experience financial difficulty… Unemployment, ill health, relationship breakdowns are just a few examples. It can be hard to know what your next steps should be, especially when you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of bills. But no matter how bad your situation looks, the good news is – you do have options to help get you back on track. A great place to start is the AFSA website. AFSA is the Australian Financial Security Authority, which is an Australian Government Agency. Now on the website, you’ll find information on things like your rights, bankruptcy agreements, and dealing with people you owe money to. AFSA can also put you in touch with free and independent financial counselling. You can download publications… and link to other useful websites like MoneySmart and Financial Counselling Australia. You do have choices. By facing your debts head on, you’re taking the first steps to a better financial future.