My name is Qi Ye and I’m a senior fellow at the
Brookings Institution. I’m director of Brookings Tsinghua Center for Public Policy in
Beijing. This withdrawal from the Paris agreement is not a gift to anyone and it
is not a gift to China, to Europe, or to India and it is a problem. And because we
really need the United States, which you know by far has been the leader in
carbon emission and also in economic effort, and so I don’t really see this is an international political issue, it is really a tragedy in a global commons
issue. China sees this is an unfortunate development, however China reiterated
in several circumstances that China will continue its efforts to honor the
commitment made under the Paris agreement. It is important to to look at
the non-state actors or the sub-national governments, local governments, and the
citizens and NGOs and the enterprises. They’re all so important, so we do
expect that you know other actors will play an even bigger role. We have already
seen this, right? Michael Bloomberg already made the announcement he will contribute
a significant amount of financing for climate change, and we see
Governor Jerry Brown is making the effort for the state of California and many
other cities as well — cities and states, so it is not
the end of the world. The United States pledged three billion dollars to
the Green Climate Fund and that is under the Paris agreement and China pledged 3.1 billion dollars under a very different mechanism. It is a South-South cooperation mechanism, very different
than the Green Climate Fund. So, you know with this withdrawal China will
continue to honor the 3.1 billion and in addition to that the Chinese President
Xi Jinping made it clear that China will actually even add more —
another billion dollars to South South cooperation to climate change and beyond.
I think the leadership of the United States is very important, it is really
essential. Well, not only because the United States is among the top two
emitters of greenhouse gas emission, but also because per capita wise the
U.S is leading the world with much greater than the world average, and more importantly the United States has been a leader in the economy, world economy, and the leader in technology. We actually see–we are experiencing
a major transition in terms of technology, in terms of Industrial
Revolution and with the United States, you know playing a leading role is
really really key not only to the global environmental climate issues but also
for the global economic growth. So, we really would like to see that President Trump and other leaders actually look at this carefully, after all this will take a while before you can officially withdraw from that. So, you
know we would like to see that everyone’s working on a concerted effort toward a
better climate and better economic growth.