They would ask, “Are you from Al-Qaeda? What are you doing in Pakistan? Lofti al-Arabi El-Gherissi spent about 13 months in a secret CIA-run detention center in Afghanistan and over a decade in US military custody. They took me to the “Black Prison.” Then they took off my clothes and put me in cold water and they took me to be hung. They hung me up from my hands and I was standing on the tips of my toes for 24 hours. That lasted for about a month. There was a barrel full of water, then they keep submerging [my head] into the water. After the water, they took me to another room. They stripped me of my clothes and made me wear a diaper. They started beating me with sticks while I was hanging. I started vomiting. El-Gherissi said CIA interrogators threatened him with an electric chair. I saw an electric box… What was it? The chair [electric chair.] They said, “We will torture you with electricity here.” They hung me from here [hands]. Every time they would walk in pointing their guns [at me]. Their faces were masked and there was music. Even when I was sleeping, they would knock on the door. I stayed there for four months. It was dark. I was blindfolded. The doctor told them to get me out. “If he spends one more hour, he will die here.” So they took me out. After nearly 14 years, the US released him without charge and sent him home to Tunisia. He was given no compensation or assistance. The damage is with my back. I can’t sleep on it. And my eyes, I can’t see very well. And my feet…I can’t walk for a long distance. Sometimes I wonder what I should I do? I lost my future. I didn’t do anything. Why have they treated me like that for 13 years?