National Disability Institute and Hands on
Banking welcomes you to our Ten Minute Training Series. This training is on “Using a Financial Health
Assessment,” one of four short videos in our series funded by a grant from the Wells
Fargo Foundation. This session will offer you a quick glimpse
at how you can use a Financial Health Assessment to better understand and support participants’
progress towards financial capability and enhance programmatic outcomes at your organization
or agency. You may be new to the concept of a Financial
Health Assessment. If that’s so, you’re in the right place. In this training, you will learn the answer
to the question: “What is a Financial Health Assessment?”. You will learn about the benefits of using
a Financial Health Assessment, including how a financial health assessment can help customers
improve financial well-being and employment goals. You’ll see an example of a Financial Health
Assessment tool, and you will discover other Hands on Banking resources available to increase
your understanding about financial empowerment. Let’s get started. What is a Financial Health Assessment? A Financial Health Assessment is a tool that
that includes a variety of financial questions. It has two roles – the first for the customer,
and second for you, the service professional. For the customer, a Financial Health Assessment
provides the opportunity to assess their current financial health. We may often feel the pressure of our personal
finances, but we may not be sitting down to assess how our financial well-being is impacting
our life. By answering these key questions, a customer
can begin to think about the pathways they can take to improve their financial circumstances
and celebrate where they have been successful. For Employment Specialists, Case Managers
and other service professionals, a Financial Health Assessment is a tool to better understand
a customer’s current situation and provide opportunities to guide them in addressing
their financial needs. This tool can help guide job seekers to resources
and assistance that can stabilize their employment situation and empower as they move forward. Just like going to the dentist or doctor for
regular check ups is important, everyone should examine their financial health. Therefore, Financial Health Assessments are
a benefit to any customer and can be used with customers both with and without a disability. There are multiple benefits of using the financial
health assessment. It assists in identifying barriers to employment,
as well as goals that motivate an customer to work. It provides an opportunity to identify community
resources that a customer may be able to use. It creates a way to start the conversation
with the customer on their financial struggles and goals. It provides the customer with both the awareness
of their current situation and an opportunity to work on items that they may not have thought
of before, all to assist them in achieving financial capability. Finally, the assessment builds our personal
financial capability and our knowledge of financial capability strategies. There are many times when it may be beneficial
to incorporate a Financial Health Assessment into your programs and services. Some of these times include the initial intake
process, the pre-employment questionnaire, during or at the end of an employment training
program, prior to a financial education class or as part of a financial education class,
or as part of the benefits counseling process. You may also find it is helpful for a customer
to retake a Financial Health Assessment throughout their time in the program as a customer’s
financial well-being, goals and motivations can shift over time. It is also a good opportunity for you, the
service professional, to assess the customer’s progress with meeting their financial and
employment goals. Now you may be ready to integrate a Financial
Health Assessment into your program, but where do you find one? National Disability Institute has created
a 25-question Financial Health Assessment to help gather information about a customer’s
current financial situation. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Be sure to share a copy of the completed assessment
with your customer. National Disability Institute’s Financial
Health assessment can be found at It can also be found linked in the description
for this training on the NDI website at Now that you know more about Financial Health
Assessments, you may want to learn about more resources that support a customer’s financial
well-being. National Disability Institute has released
quick reference and disability supplemental guides that complement the Hands on Banking®
instructor guides for adults, young adults and entrepreneurs. These guides are designed to provide financial
educators, American Job Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation and community-based organizations
access to resources and tools specifically for customers with disabilities. You can find these ready-to-use financial
education materials and tools at So now what? TAKE ACTION! But first, congratulate yourself on taking
the first step towards assisting your customers with improving their pathway to financial
stability by learning more about how YOU can integrate financial education into your programs
and services. After you watch this video, take a few minutes
to visit and download the materials we discussed today. Then you’re ready to create a plan to integrate
financial education unique to your program and services. Once you have a plan, put it into action and
begin assisting customers to build a better economic future for themselves and their families. And finally, if you need help, reach out. We are here to help you. Email us at [email protected] Thank you!