It’s Jeff and Chrigu here we’re supporting the Face-to-Face Project we just got back from Malawi and we’re seeing a project that’s actually working it’s making a difference in the poorest country in the world we want to invite you to do a workout, called the Victory Garden WOD to support to work we’re doing in Malawi What is a Victory Garden? this is NOT a Victory Garden NOT a Victory Garden nope — nope this is NOT a Victory Garden these ARE Victory Gardens small gardens, just for a family, right next to their house, using a mix of vegetables and permaculture gardening techniques that have not been used in Malawi before — and it’s working, allowing families to feed themselves Got anything to say? yay the theme of the workout is life in Malawi so, three movements — 30 minute AMRAP you can do this anywhere you are in the world — in a gym or on your own the idea of Face-to-Face is simple and the workout is simple Simple, I like simple things the first movement is sledge hammer strikes or slam balls or using a hoe — like you’re working in a garden second thing is you got to carry something awkward, somewhat heavy 200 meters something awkward — like a sandbag or your dog or your sheep that looks like a cow or beer keg or log whatever is heavy and painful to carry and the last thing is burpees, because yeah — burpees there’s nothing funny about Burpees except for that (laughing) It’s 20 strikes 200 meters carry and 10 burpees 30min, as many rounds as you can — go for at least 10 you can ask your friends to donate per round, as many rounds as you can finish in the 30 minutes — that’s how it works don’t be lazy, create gardens — yes it’s like three bucks, three US dollars is what it takes to create a garden, so you raise 30 bucks, that’s 10 gardens 300 bucks: 100 hundred gardens /100 families it’s a fun workout — be careful with your equipment and have fun– enjoy it so that’s it — we hope you join us for the event we hope you have a great time with it thank you so much for your support Zi como, zi como — he’s speaking Malawian, Chichewa they should work out to get gardens done, right? right, they should work out to create gardens to support people creating gardens — that’s what it’s about feeding themselves, self-reliance self-reliance, that’s the point helping people become self-reliant — we’ve been there we were just there — we were just in Malawi and it works — we’re stoked there’s over 2,000 gardens created already trying to get 20,000 this year–we’re scaling 20,000 gardens for 20,000 families is 20,000 times 4 80,000 people with food food they grew for themselves, not food they were given — that’s the important thing — it’s a sustainable model that’s why we like working with Face-to-Face it works, it works, it’s not a huge charity where money’s wasted it’s actually getting in, learning people in the villages, learning their traditional leadership structures, building the relationships and helping them drive their own change — that’s it, that’s it that’s it, it’s a cool workout, you should do it if possible, not gym equipment not with handles, nothing that’s too easy to carry yeah, something awkward — a person or a sheep — sheep — we love the sheep idea (laughing) to CARRY the sheep to carry the sheep