My name is Chinyere Felicia Priest and I am
a Nigerian from Igboland and I am a missionary pursuing my PhD in Intercultural Studies with
an emphasis in mission. I view that my contribution will change our
perspective about suffering. Why should Christians suffer like Job? Job was a righteous man, and in the blink of an eye he lost everything that he ever had. I was amazed to read this in the Bible. That was my first example, but I was amazed to read it. About the prophets
and the accounts of Elisha. These prophets died owing. So those he was indebted to wanted
to take his two sons, and the wife went to Elisha and said, “Look, my husband died owing
and now my two sons will be sold as slaves.” And her husband was a servant of God, a prophet.
And he died owing. That brand of theology is strange for us to believe as an African.
How could a prophet—a man of God—be so poor that he could not redeem his debts? And
he died and left it to his wife and children. Knowing that being a man of God, being a child
of God, being a prophet of God, being a missionary, whatever it is that we are, it does not exonerate
us from suffering. There is suffering in lacking, and sometimes you may lack. So I believe that
when they read my contributions it is going to change our interpretation of the Bible,
our perspective, our application of it, and will help our church leaders, even fellow
Christians, to begin to view Christian suffering differently and begin to view millions of
Christians who lack, who don’t have money differently. Instead of saying that this is
their sin because of their sin they are suffering, they will say this is part of life.