drawing of the bush in these got his
idea so screwed up the government as we speak so we you were gonna have %uh sign-in oversight over that money that
was what was about it cous cous seven hundred billion dollars a lot of money so they built in the layer after layer
oversight has a shed in the beginning hank paulson treasure sector came out
with a three page document sophia just give me all the money shot kit that’s
basically would set ups president three base no oversight whatsoever and it said
nothing he’d it could be question but i think it was actual clause that’s good that his actions were other viewable by
any oppressive government which is was insane so they can’t get
out and they put in a lot of oversight did a good job on that project so what’s happening with adults he is here all the stories ago cryptic
anna budget of course not absorption zero that show the secretary has forced a
point i while the bush administration over
also so point %uh especial inspector general within the treasury department
to oversee this okay i got specials backdrop the congress for their part has some
point the board to oversee them as well so both is eight abreast endlessly to break
check it out and so far how did people a day do
appointed over %uh of course %uh they said well you know it’s own say a lot of time in scum hardin you’d understand its complex financial no and do it %uh so that’s why we need especial seca
general donation to doing it right but don’t worry though because how much money of the most how much of
the money could be a spec without oversight anyway has been that long they’ve already spent two hundred ninety
billion dollars nearly half of it is out the door physician bush is going away to spend that money multan emergency
emergency emergency hispanola way perspective that i would attack for an
inspector general well the congress is at fault here too they’re dragging their feet it was
caught them out of the small oversight or do you guys will say watch it over
with what do you trust in bush things that that two hundred ninety
billion dollars vessel for has is that right who was not even up to believe that using that some bushes friends and
closest friends and chase friends didn’t get sick which would that money two hundred ninety billion dollars who’s
gonna miss a billion here of it do you got no answer you tell me that
you go oversight over that man sent the water let them roberts i mean i i don’t know
if they got an interest in it the democrats like but then i thought you
were supposed to look at overhead a neat stuff and you don’t know what bush is
about valujet eight years to learn carlisle and then we would trust them and white practicing well no we change
the legislation so you know before we were going to do
indicate they’re bad mortgages now bad loans and there was so we really need
accountability there ’cause we didn’t know we were paid now just doing the
right injections into some these firms so that does it requires much oversight
traffic yet water terribly weak excuse here because they can’t find a way to
inject some of the capital into the wrong places look even if they were straight out
which i would never accept from the bush administration i certainly wouldn’t
trust them to be sharia but even if they were they can make mistakes or they can natural human instinct all you know i
was from goldman sachs and i know that guy who works at morgan stanley and a reality that
capital injection well %uh make that happen it’d be nice to have some real
overlooking a man by are you sure about that because maybe this is the better play is that you got nobody at happily of
course and hank paulson store that money around
anyway he wants scrapes man absolutely nuts