i am sold mad i could hardly see
straight actually the only one i don’t understand what the hell people
are thinking when on the line show we talked about this indeed did you
register is big news the night before uh… at c_b_s_ reports as always
reporting because the secretary i was uh… come up with a plan where
they’re going to take all of the bad loans that wall street now what would the treasury secretary
takes a lot of the bill clinton is back pocket that means we are taking all the bad loans it’s
going to go up to apply to the taxpayer get a lot of this planet wall street any guys running these
companies they made a unlawful these loans they made money out
of the z made money off the interest they made money off the principal they
made money left and right and then they’ve got fleece wanted out it turns out these are good loans and
now what a lot of trouble mister taxpayer where you come bail us
out we are a took all the profits that you
take the losses and henry paulson and george bush in the
written tire republican party compensating by idea will just take it to the
taxpayer and they laminack think the other night
deseret news story and there’s hardly a peep the first
night except i’ve looked at magnum witnessed or three times today shine
that light i said i understand why this is an gigantic news why isn’t colossal
angela everybody is in lead over it primary their you know the date take
goes by it’s size seven people as were all returns that this is denied you know what that might cost us trillion dollars d henry paulson trader secretary
guarantees it’s gonna cost hundreds of billions of dollars and
likely a trillion dollars i have one very simple questions start
with why the hell should we packet quarterly nuts what they already have all the money and
we’re going to go all the losses only stripping this is madness man and if why am i so
angry over this is such a bad plantation have a chance of passing right this is why i love it both sides republicans and democrats
john mccain and morocco obama everybody agrees great idea must sign on to it off it goes tryin dollars morass and
we’re going with that hahahaha knowing i was ecstatic over this wall street yap on friday stocks like
group life they couldn’t pull interlock they should have been screwed for all
their mistakes instead we just took all that outlaws and they want happened whether the bank the banks a
shot of the banquet i think old that we stopped at the
american taxpayer get along about the devil pratt’s and
republican blueprint