This is such a big day for us it’s the New York Stock Exchange it’s going public and and we’re really very happy about it. Well I just think that the day is exciting and I think that over a period of time the day will become even more exciting. This is a very important day and it’s gonna be a great day. Atlantic City a phenomenal year for you. Now Atlantic City in general doing very well but you in particular. The plaza, Trump Plaza, up 14% so far nine months
year-to-date. The Taj Mahal up 10%. What’s bringing people back into Atlantic City? Well you know Atlantic City was a little bit underrated as a jurisdiction a few years back. And all I did was made money with Atlantic City just kept coming in. Atlantic City has now considered the number one jurisdiction, the hottest jurisdiction. We’re doing more business in Atlantic City than the entire Las Vegas Strip something very few people understand or know about and as you know the public company has Trump Plaza. Which I believe broke its all-time record last week. What do you feel that your stock is being penalized? It’s down about twice as
much as the industry blew. Well I think a number of reasons. But I think one is the Atlantic City and Atlantic City is is either in favor or not in favor. At this moment it’s not in favor but I think it’s starting to get in favor again because the numbers have been very good; the wars have stopped. Have largely stopped. You know last year we had a rough year because everybody was fighting. This year they’re not fighting and we have that happen in Atlantic City almost routinely every four years. They becomes some geniuses well we’re going to give away the shop and everyone else has to follow. We’re making a tremendous cash flow.
We’ve just finished almost a 5,000 car garage in Atlantic City and we are just
doing unbelievable business. We’re doing better than we ever did before. We’re
doing much better as a company then when the stock came out at approximately 32. So, it’s a great opportunity for people and it’s a great company. It’s not exactly the kind of 11 Donald Trump wants to roll in Atlantic City. His Trump hotels and casino Empire have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. To the Donald we go. If he was a contestant on his own apprentice show he might have to fire himself.