My name is Damien Grant, I’m the principal of Waterstone Insolvency. And over the last decade, we have developed four core principals we operate our insolvency practice on. The first, is that a business that can be saved, should be saved. It’s quite common to see a business start off in life, build up some traction, get themselves to the point where they’re profitable on a month-by-month basis, but have accumulated some historical debts that are dragging them down. The Companies Act allows for the creditors to support such a company going through a restructure. And that’s one of the things we do here at Waterstone. We also believe that limited liability is a privilege, it’s not a right. A company director is not automatically liable for the debts of their company. But, if they breach their director’s duties, or if they trade recklessly, they can be held personally liable for those debts. And again, that’s one of the things we do here at Waterstone. We take litigation to hold company directors who have breached their duties, personally liable for the debts of their companies. We also believe that the creditors of a company that’s failed have a right to see that company investigated. It is all to depressingly often to see a liquidator walk away from an investigation of a company, claiming that there is no funds in that particular estate. Here at Waterstone, we believe if you don’t want to investigate the affairs of the company, you shouldn’t take on the liquidation. Whilst the amount of money in a company does limit how much investigation we can do, we always investigate every liquidation that we take on. Finally, we believe that some degree of failure is inevitable. Here in a capitalist economy, we expect and we want company directors to get out there in the marketplace and take a risk and deliver to us the goods and services, that as consumers, we want. Some of those firms will be innovative, they will take risks, and some of those firms will fail. A well run insolvency regime will allows those company failures to be done in an orderly fashion and allow those company directors who’ve taken legitimate risks to have those affairs unwound, and in a way that is dignified for them. If you have a situation of a company where you think you have a company that is under financial pressure, but you think you have a core business that is profitable? Call us, make a booking. We might be able to help you. Equally, if you’re owed money in a liquidation, and want a liquidator that will investigate that company, make a booking and we will see if that is something that we can assist you with. Thank you.