— At the historic meeting of the showbizz and big-bizz, music’s magic man and the Midas mogul ran the media gauntlet to open
the world’s glitziest casino… — Trump’s Taj Mahal. The, uh, eighth wonder of the world. This casino closed last October. It didn’t just leave behind 3,000 jobless
blackjack dealers and waitresses, it left behind over 2,500 rooms full of junk: beds, linens, bathroom fixtures, chandeliers— all of which is for sale today. I pulled out 500 bucks from the bank last night. And, as of this morning, I think I’ve still got $420 or so. See what I can buy from the, uh,
second greatest Taj Mahal in the world… …as of six months ago. I think Trump took his name off years ago
when it started doing kind-of poorly. That’s his usual M.O., you know? — I thank you for your patience, I’m gonna let everybody in. Just bear to the left, okay? You’ll find that we’ve moved
a lot of the restaurant tables, chairs, barstools, things like that down here to my left. Around the corner to the right,
you’re gonna find pool and patio furniture. — Fuck. Whoops! Okay. Banging up my knee really bad. Seems to be a pretty healthy mix so far of people purchasing goods for personal use— even weird goes, like giant trash cans and the like. Can I ask, are you guys getting this
for a hotel or something like that or…? — We’re getting it for our backyard. — Oh yeah? Oh, okay. $2,500. I wonder if it’s for the set. How long are you going to be doing this for? — 60 days. — Woah. Have you ever dealt with anything
that was a former Trump property? — I have. I’ve worked for Donald Trump since 1978, liquidating his hotels. — Oh yeah? Really? — The Plaza in New York. We did the Commodore Hotel in New York. We did the Barbizon Plaza. We did Trump’s World Fair here. — It’s pretty desolate. I guess everybody’s just kind-of grabbing things. I don’t see any tags on anything… I guess you can just kinda take it. Presidential suite? I don’t know if this meets
most people’s definition of “pop art.” It’s not terrible. Oh! Electric fireplace. Does this heat up? Oh! Still works. Agh! This is the only thing I’ve seen
so far with Trump’s name on it. It’s the instructions for the jacuzzi. This isn’t bad. Actually, this isn’t bad at all. I’m taking this one. Ah, same one. Huh. You can’t find anything genuinely classy, but you can try to kind-of… Under-tacky things. So, the moment… this fainting couch, you know. Whoa! Someone was partying! Not taking that one. Wonder how many young beauty pageant
contestants have stared into this mirror… with the same look of self-disbelief. Oh, Bibles! Hey yo! Trump Taj Mahal, meet real Taj Mahal. I got a fireplace, I got two loungers… got this art print. I think that’ll be it. Excuse me sir, can I ask you about your chairs? — Yeah! Cool, right? Look, they’ve got the emblems. — No joke. Thoughts on Trump? — I love him. — Where’d all those camels come from? — Just in a suite. — It’s funny how little stuff has his name on it. — Oh, you can’t find anything— everything with his name on it, they took it out. — Hi, there.
— Hi, how are you? — Good. — Are you paying cash or card today? — Cash. — Okay. Your total’s gonna be $427.93 after tax, please. — Taxes. The man finds a way to get my money, no matter what.