Hi. My name is CJ Souza and this year I’m
serving as your student trustee here. And we’re super excited to welcome you back
to a new year at Bristol Community College. If you’re new to Bristol, we’re
excited to have you. If you’re returning, it’s great to see you again. There’s
always a lot of anxiety at the start of the year. I understand. There’s a lot going on. But thankfully the people here at Bristol are always ready to help. Here’s Ed Cabellon, the Vice President of Student Affairs. His job here is to make sure students have all the resources they need to
succeed. What are some ways that you and your team make that happen, Ed? Thanks, CJ. Last year many of your classmates shared with us some of the challenges they
faced. Such as forming new study habits, Managing their time effectively. Handling
their stress and anxiety. Finding day care for their children. Eating a meal.
Identifying a place to stay. Having a consistent ride to and from all our
campus locations. I’m proud to say that we helped all these students who came
forward last year who asked for help and we encourage all of you to do the same.
Regardless of which campus you take classes; be it in Attleboro, Fall River, New
Bedford or Taunton, our team is dedicated to your success. Hi Emma. Emma organizes activities and events here on campus for outside of the classroom. As important as it is to focus on your studies, it’s also just as important to take the time to be
a part of your campus culture and life. What this means is that when people say get involved or make the most of your experience, come and see us. Outside your classes, there’s many opportunities to grow your Bristol experience. Take on a
leadership role than the Student Senate, or one of our many student-led clubs.
Explore career opportunities, build your resume and put your in-class skills to
the test with an internship or on-campus job. See your name in print by joining
the editorial team at the student Hawk newspaper. Whatever your interests, we are here to support your development during your time at Bristol and beyond. As you
move forward with your Bristol experience, take the time to ask
questions, get involved. If you see me on campus, come say hi. Take the time to
get to know your classmates. After all, we’re all in this together.
Isn’t that right President Douglas? Absolutely CJ. Welcome to Bristol
Community College. Let’s have a great academic year together. My advice to you
is get engaged in learning and the activities that we have around the
college. Make lots of friends and have fun. And most importantly, take advantage of all the resources and supports that we have to offer. Remember at Bristol
Community College, your dreams are within reach. Go Bayhawks!