Hi my name is Kenneth Berger and I appreciate
you visiting our website. I went to law school because I wanted to help people, and that’s
exactly what we do at my firm. Our mission and our core values aren’t just words to me.
They’re the compass that guides us. We never believed in television ads or gimmicky billboards,
but rather in service to our community. That’s why I’ve written books, served on boards,
and worked more weekends than I can count. We’re dedicated to try and provide the absolute
highest quality legal service while also giving you an extraordinary degree of personal attention.
I don’t believe a lawyer can effectively represent someone unless they take the time to get to
know them. Which is why over the years, we’ve built a team that focuses on what’s important:
you and your story. We want to take the burden off your shoulders, so that you can focus
on healing while we take care of all the legal, medical, and insurance issues. That’s what
you can expect from me and every member of this fantastic team. We pride ourselves on
defying the stereotypes you hear about personal injury attorneys. We’re different than what
most people envision when they think of lawyers in this area, and we want you to know that.
My clients are like family to me, and just like family, I’m going to do everything in
my power to protect and uphold your right to safety. We’re also going to make sure that
we communicate with you in a clear, honest manner and on a regular basis. We understand
how important every case is to every client, and we promise to keep you informed of your
cases progress. Its also important for you to know that we handle a much smaller number
of cases than most personal injury law firms, this allows us to provide you with the time
and attention your case deserves because for us this isn’t a 9 to 5 job, its a way of life
and a commitment to your wellbeing. Many of our cases are actually referred to us by other
lawyers, both inside and outside of South Carolina. In fact, we were recently the top
vote getter amongst our peers in the personal injury category of Columbia Business Monthly’s
Legal Elite. We’ve also received referrals from attorneys as far away as Washington State.
These people’s trust and belief that we are the absolute best choice for a potential client
means a great deal to me. Under our ethics rules, I can’t promise results, but I can
promise that by the end of your case, you’re going to know that my firm and I did everything
humanly possible to deliver justice and restore dignity. Our commitment to not only great
legal outcomes, but to superior service is what our reputation rests upon and what has
positioned us as a leader in the field. I appreciate you taking time to learn a little
about us, and we look forward to getting to know you as well.