I started the the MMS Foundation to
try to supply a need that we perceived in Africa. Day-in day-out, our health
professionals provide medical care to the local population, but for some of
them this is not enough. Some doctors and nurses also give to people abroad. I think that it’s completely normal with
our motivation to become a physician to offer this kind of care elsewhere in the
world. We choose Africa. It could be anywhere else in the world because there
is needs everywhere. Nursing is already a hard job. You’re
caring or being empathetic. You’re looking out for people. You want the best
possible quality care for them. You go to Africa you want the same exact thing. It’s a real challenge. I think that in my
personal life, like most of my colleagues this is the worst thing that we have to
do or the most difficult thing that we have to do, in in our surgeries. We are
making incredible difference in their lives. These people are living a real
nightmare. I think it definitely makes me a better
nurse. It makes me a better human being, a better woman, person. These humanitarian missions are win-win situations for everybody involved. For West Central
Report I’m Carl Thériault.