Bankruptcy trusts were created in order to provide compensation to injured victims and their families and once these companies started getting hit with hundreds and thousands of lawsuits they weren’t able to handle them. They started going bankrupt and so these bankruptcy trusts were founded, were created in order to take some of the profit and the majority of the profit of the each of these defendants and put it aside for victims and their families. So, there’s millions and millions and millions of dollars in these bankruptcy trusts for the purpose of awarding compensation to the victims if my, say, my grandfather discovered that he has lung cancer due to asbestos exposure, he would file a claim and that claim … any type of settlement that he received if he should pass away would go to his spouse, my grandmother, or to, after she passes, to the children. So, the settlement itself for the most part is a unique recovery because we are saying to the bankruptcy trust we are aware of what these asbestos products did to these clients and this money that’s been reserved specifically for them. Our clients are injured victims and they deserve a portion of that settlement, the money that is being held in the trust. So, that’s basically the origins of … The bankruptcy trust themselves were created solely for the purpose of awarding the injured victims.