I was asked the other day, what are some
exclusions on a general liability policy? well, there’s a lot of exclusions and to
tell you what the exclusions are… basically, I can tell you what’s actually
covered: bodily injury and property damage – that’s it. so, if somebody doesn’t
get hurt or if there’s no property damage, it’s
probably not covered… then there’s cyber liability – if there’s a data breach.
employee practices liability – if your employee sues you…
pollution liability… all sorts of things that you know… maybe your business has
exposures to. For example, if somebody sues you because you made a mistake on
your professional service say there is a glitch in your software program there’s
no coverage under that under the general liability policy – there’s a specialized
policy for that. Now, do you need a general liability policy? Of course, but
these other policies fit in together to make a comprehensive insurance plan for