Hi everyone Rene Bastarache here with the
American School of Hypnosis and it is Monday morning time to get back to work
and I said to myself you know I don’t want to go to work so I told Raluca,
let’s go grocery shopping and just have some fun today so… I’m in the parking lot
for a look at women shopping this gives me a chance to stay out the parking lot
still get some work done and not have to go shopping. sSo on the way down here we
were talking about change what does change mean and why is it
important well your thoughts as you know become your reality so thoughts become
things people focus on not being healthy focus on I don’t want this I don’t want
that and as you know the mind doesn’t understand negative so you’re always
attracting what you’re focusing on so if you’re focusing on I don’t want to be
sick you attract sickness I don’t want to be broke you’re attracting being
broke you need to focus on only what you want so there’s so many negative signals
so many things affecting what we want that we get what we don’t want a lot
then we get complacent okay you get comfortable in the way you are
so you’re used to being a little sick you’re used to being broke you’re used
to a bad relationship and people say what does it take to change change
requires change okay what has changed change is not the same is different it’s
the opposite of comfort it’s uncomfortable
you’ve probably heard these stories about people who became really wealthy
overnight and they say well there was a major change in my life I was broke I
was destitute I lost my house I lost my family I lost my business lost
everything and then I had this idea and I went with it and I became wealthy and
you hear there’s so many times that you begin to think that you need to be broke
or destitute to be able to have an idea and become wealthy
and we’re talking about this this morning and that’s not the case the case
is that these people had nothing to lose so they put everything into their new
idea when there’s nothing to lose it’s not there’s no comfort involved and
comfort is the I guess you could say the enemy of progress okay we want to stay
the same that’s why the pharmaceutical companies are so popular the doctor says
take this pill and call me in the morning it’s easy it’s comfortable you
don’t have to do anything you take the pill and you get better
except consciously Oh doctor says that so it’s got to be true okay it’s so
simple that you can do it so that’s what you’re thinking well if I do this one
thing I’ll become wealthy if I buy my wife flowers we’ll have a great
relationship if I take that pill you see what I mean it’s simple and that’s why
they’re so popular and that’s also why there’s so many people sick in this
world because it takes forever for pills because a lot of times pills don’t cure
you they treat the symptom okay and matter of fact is that’s one of the
number one killers in this world by the way or in this country is the
side-effects from pharmaceuticals especially ones that will prescribe to
wrong okay so what am I getting at can someone who’s comfortable or someone who
has a house and not destitute make it yes it’s the mentality so let’s look at
the broke people that made it the ones that lost everything lost their
relationships their homes their jobs all of a sudden they get an idea or wool
they became rich overnight let’s take those people and put them on the Shelf
for a moment okay now you let’s say you have a home a good job and all this and
you’re trying to become wealthy so what do you have to do well you might be
going after goal and saying working really hard but in your mind okay it’s
the mindset the broke mindset okay were you willing to give it all most people
that have things will work towards the goal and as they’re working towards a
goal they’ll say well I’ll do it as long as it doesn’t inconvenience me as soon
as it’s fast to hurt my regular work life I’m gonna give it up
as soon as it starts to hurt my relationship I’m gonna give it up as
soon as it starts to hurt this or that if this gets in the way of something I’m
gonna back off you see what’s stopping you from the progress in other ways
let’s say your goal is to become healthy and right now you do a lot of unhealthy
things now someone who’s on death row and has nothing to lose okay death row
that’s a sentence when the the doctor says you have one week left to live
they’ll do anything they’ll quit drinking they’ll quit eating sugar
they’ll quit doing that and then become healthy you hear a lot of these people
have cancer you know I mean right at the end and they turn around because they
have nothing to lose okay so but someone who has everything and it’s that and to
get sick and the doctor says you need to quit smoking you need to stop sugar you
need to quit drinking that’s like no no no I’ll do it for a week I’ll do it for
a couple weeks okay and they start up but what if you were able to stop and do
everything healthy you could progress just like them so the problem is to get
uncomfortable we don’t want to change these things true change okay requires
or may require think of this true change may require you leaving your job leaving
where you live true change may require you having
entirely different friends they might hold you back matter of fact if you want
to change and you want to become successful and you’re not now remember
you attract people that’ll like you matter of fact the majority of the
people you hang around with you probably make a similar income to them drive
assemble the car live in a similar neighborhood have same type houses do
the same job okay you tend to become the some of the five closest people next to
you okay you tend most people tend to become like their closest friends so if
you change you’re not gonna be like your closest friends let’s say it’s not
thinking successfully and you’re making an awful lot more money they’re gonna be
uncomfortable with you oh how come he is doing that what
a story you see what I mean so it may require changing your friends it may
require you moving and moving to an area where you have better opportunity so
true change requires change so before you decide to make a big change are you
up to it you need to think of that am i up to a change am I willing to give up
things that are holding me back okay if you go out drinking with the buddies
every single night and alcohol is causing problems for you are you willing
to stop drinking which means maybe stop seeing the buddies which means stop
going to those same places okay that’s a major change it’s not take a pill and
call me in the morning now if that doctor that said take a pill
and call you in the morning says I want you to take this pill and I want you to
read this book and I want you to do an hour of exercise and I want you to walk
around the building spinning on one foot okay if he’s making it difficult you’re
not going to do any of it take a pill easy that is so true change to progress
to be different than you are now requires a commitment requires a true
change may require a complete overhaul in your life because to be different
guess what you’re going to be different are you willing to do that think about
that well that’s my message for the day and if you’d like to learn more about
the mind how to change the mind how to program it how to help others and your
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