All right so let’s talk about the
pre-trial conference first off pre-trial conference by any
other name still a pre-trial conference different counties may refer to it as a
case management conference or a status hearing or something along those lines
in essence what the pre-trial conference is it’s just a fork in the road what the
judge wants to know what the pre-trial conference is are you going to trial or
are you going to resolve the case without a trial could either be a plea
it could be a dismissal it could be a divergent agreement something else like
that so that’s what’s going on normally at
the first pre-trial conference you haven’t figured that out yet
normally that’s because you haven’t done interviews there’s motions that need to
be filed so it’s very very common at the first pre-trial conference to walk in
and say judge we’re not ready to make that decision the judge won’t give you
any grief at that time and they’ll set it to another pre-trial conference
usually 30 days down the road at some point if you’ve got too many pre-trial
conferences reset the judge may say hey this case needs to get to trial it’s
taking too long the judge could just set it to a trial but normally what happens
is there’s at least one or two or maybe even three continuances of that
pre-trial conference if your attorney is working on the case and things are
getting done and interviews are occurring motions are getting found the
judge will generally give you a continuance of the pre-trial conference
so again pretty low stress hearing you ought to know in advance from your
lawyer exactly what the plan is at the pre-trial conference but if you’re not
in and out of there in a couple of minutes in terms of that hearing
probably there’s something else going on you should know about very low stress
hearing that’s what the pre-trial conference is about you