Hey, it’s my old pal Joe! He booked his dream vacation to Costa Rica,
and it’s finally time to drive to the airport! But when he gets to the check-in desk… nobody’s
there to help the growing line of now panic-stricken passengers! Uh-oh, word is that the airline has closed! All Joe can think is… oy, where’s the
bathroom? And he would also be asking : – Why would my airline just shut down like
that? It happens more often than you’d think,
my friend! An airline will pack up shop if it chooses
to close… or runs out of money. If an airline’s wallet runs dry, then they
usually get bought out by a bigger line. The smaller ones are more at risk to go under
because they typically make their money during the peak travel season. It’s a lot harder to make that money last
all year, so they close. Try to book through the big ones next time,
Joe! – But what about my vacation? Poor Joe! All the airline’s flights on and after the
shutdown date will be canceled. Even worse, if Joe was already on that vacation
when all this goes down, he might just have to fend for himself in Costa Rica! Might not be too bad! If you were stranded like Joe, where would
you wanna be? Let me know down in the comments! Most airlines will try to give you back all
or at least part of your money. Or Joe might get lucky, and his flight will
be rescheduled through another airline. But this stuff’s not always a guarantee. Either way, it’ll be a headache! – What will happen to the planes? You know, the ones with the pretty paint job
displaying the airline’s name and color scheme? It depends on who actually owns the plane. If the aircraft is privately owned and the
airline was just renting it, the owner will get it back. If the airline owns the plane, it’ll likely
be sold or auctioned off. You’d be surprised at how often airplanes
change hands! – What happens to the flight crew? It’s not clear, but the flight attendants
and pilots might be just as out of luck as Joe is if the company they work for shuts
down. They probably won’t know about it much earlier
than Joe either! It’d mean they’re essentially “laid
off,” which has its perks, I guess. Better than being fired! At least you can still get some money… – What happens inside the airport? If one of the airlines shuts down, the airport
would try and control the chaos as much as possible. Think about it—they’d be dealing with
a lot of angry people. Yeah, Joe doesn’t look too happy, does he? Here’s the thing though: if an airline goes
under, it’s not really something within the airport’s control. So, they technically don’t have to set Joe
up with a hotel or meals. That’s up to the airline. Finger’s crossed for our unfortunate friend! Well, Joe, I guess you won’t be getting
that beautiful suntan you were looking so forward to. No Costa Rica, no flight, no fun in the sun… But maybe I can still help you! Here’s what you should do: – First, it’s a good practice to stay in
the loop. Keep track of your booking details online. The site Joe booked through will tell him
about any cancelations or delays. It may not explicitly say, “Your airline
has gone under!” But the sooner you know about a cancelation,
the better you’ll be able to plan. Most travel sites have an app you can download
too, so you can check on your flight whenever! – Try to stay calm, Joe—you might still
be able to save your vacation! As soon as you find out that your airline
folded, call them directly to see what they can do as far as getting you on another flight. It’ll be much quicker and more efficient
since the airport staff themselves will be busy trying to explain what’s going on to
grumpy passengers and working to keep lines down. That app you downloaded on your cell can help
with flight cancelations too. – Still ask about hotel credits. I know I mentioned earlier that it isn’t
a guarantee, but you can still ask! At worst, they’ll say no. At best, Joe might get to live it up in a
hotel for a night while his flight gets figured out or while he’s working on other plans. And speaking of which… – Do you have a Plan B, Joe? No matter what airline you book with, it’s
always good to have a backup plan. Whether it’s to try and book with another
airline in the case of a shutdown or cancelation or finding another mode of transportation,
always have an Option 2. Road trip to Costa Rica! Ok, maybe not… Anyway, this is especially important if you’re
traveling in a group—make sure everyone is on the same page! – Hey, Joe, did you book your flight with
a credit card? This goes along with that Plan B thing…if
you book with a credit card, you might be able to get at least part of your money back
or work something out with your travel miles. Then you can use those funds or miles for
your Plan B! See? It’s all connected! Booking your flight with a credit card offers
a bit of a safety net. – Did you get travel insurance, buddy? No? Big oops! It might seem like a waste of time and money
because “Come on, what are the chances?” right? But travel insurance can end up saving you
money—you never know when a flight will be canceled! Not only for unexpected airline shutdowns
but other common stuff like bad weather. But if you’re ever in Joe’s situation,
you’d need to call your travel agent and see if your insurance covers this sort of
thing. – Get your airline’s attention on social
media! Since it’s such a public platform, it’ll
be someone’s job to watch and respond on the airline’s social media accounts. Reach out, Joe, and tell them you’re in
a pickle—you never know what help you’ll get! You might at least find out what the airline’s
plan is. You’ll probably get a quicker response than
on the phone. Smaller airlines may not have a social media
presence, but you can always look! – You CAN negotiate. You have rights as a traveler—get to know
them! If your airline closes and you call them to
get a refund or better price on a re-booking, you might still feel that you got the short
end of the stick. Joe surely does! He’s going to let his airline know. Even though they’re now shut down, they
should still try to do what they can for customer service’s sake. But, of course, try to be understanding. – Save all your flight documents. This includes your boarding pass and any receipts
too. Who knows—your airline may offer to give
you your money back later, or you might need to use those documents to explain your situation
and get another flight. Your credit card company might need these
documents as proof of purchase if they’re trying to get you some kind of refund. And hold on to them for a while – these
things can take a long time. – Always prepare for the worst. What if Joe had gotten to Costa Rica, and
the airline went under before he could get home?? This is another reason to hold on to all your
travel and flight documents. Make sure you’ve got plenty of extra cash,
especially if you’re abroad. If you’re really left high and dry somewhere
far from home, hostels are usually quite affordable. It might not be that five-star resort Joe
booked, but it’ll put a roof over his head. Make a solid plan and stay in contact with
your credit card company. And just to put your nerves at ease, here’s
an example of how this critical situation can have a happy ending! One small British airline shut down in September
of 2019, and travelers were left stranded around the world! To get those poor vacationers back home, the
UK Civil Aviation Authority came up with a compensation program. By the time it was over, 150,000 people had
made it safely back to the UK. To accomplish this, 1,000 flights were run
over the course of two weeks. So, Joe, had you made it to Costa Rica, you
could’ve had 2 more weeks of vacay! Well, maybe next time! Hey, if you learned something new today, give
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