Apple is the world’s first and only trillion
dollar company. A trillion dollars is a one with 12 zeroes
behind it. That’s several hundred billion more than
other Silicon Valley companies. If apple were a country, it would be the 27th
richest country in the world behind Pakistan and Malaysia. Without a doubt, Apple is the biggest, most
profitable country on earth. That being said, there are a lot of people
who don’t like apple or their products and would love to see it fail. Apple has gotten to a point where that’s
highly unlikely, but what if it did? Today, life’s biggest questions asks, What
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if we have covered a topic you would like to see. Nokia, Motorolla, Blackberry. These are just a few names of tech companies
who have fallen from grace over the last 15 years alone. Remember when everyone thought blackberry
phones were the coolest thing on the market? How about Motorola Razrs? I begged my mom for 2 years to get me a razr,
I absolutely had to have one. But these must-have products weren’t sought
after for very long because newer, better products hit the market. One of the main reasons why companies like
nokia, motorolla and blackberry have fallen is a lack of innovation. They simply couldn’t keep up with the changing
times, and the advancement of technology. The same could be said for what’s going
on with apple right now. Steve Jobs was known for his innovative ideas,
and now that he’s gone, many of the new products apple is putting out lack lustre,
and are years behind their competitors. Apple phones just got a 1080p display and
android users have had it for years. Not to mention, these products are a lot more
expensive than apple’s competitors. In order for apple to go bankrupt, something
extremely horrible would have to happen to the company and its stock. They would have to mess up big time, repeatedly
for several years. Loyal apple fans would have to slowly loose
interest in apple products. Maybe other products would pop up on the market
that would greatly outshine apple’s products, and apple just couldn’t keep up. This is pretty unlikely, the most profitable
country in the world could most definitely afford to hire the best engineers and create
futuristic products to keep this from happening. This is just a hypothetical video, I’m just
outlining the ways in which an apple bankruptcy could come about. Apple actually already almost went bankrupt
20 years ago in 1996. Microsoft, one of the major enemies of apple,
actually invested in apple when this happened so that they wouldn’t be a monopoly. Its crazy to say now but If Microsoft hadn’t
invested in apple, there would be no such thing as iphones, imacs, ipads or ipods. Apples stocks went from $6 a share in 1997
to $80 per share by January 2006. By 2010, Apples market cap exceeded Microsoft’s. From near bankruptcy to the most valuable
company in history, Apple’s story is quite possibly the greatest comeback in history. But as with in life, the greater the height,
the farther you can fall, and if apple went bankrupt, it would be a very far, painful
fall indeed. If apple went bankrupt, Either Samsung or
google could buy the rights to apple’s intellectual property. Maybe google could purchase apple and keep
the company alive. That being said, Androids would likely become
the dominant phone company on earth. Or perhaps another company not yet created
would emerge to take apple’s place. It should be noted that If apple went bankrupt,
that doesn’t mean that apple phones wouldn’t cease to exist. they would still work. Working apple products could become more sought
after, perhaps even revered like antiques. Either that or they would be thrown out and
forgotten. However anyone who had purchased music or
films on itunes, apps from the app store or icloud storage would essentially lose it if
apple went bankrupt. When you agree to apple’s terms of service,
you are only renting a song or title. It sucks, but its true. Its probably pretty unlikely that anyone would
own an apple computer anymore, because they would be difficult to upkeep. Once again, everyone would have a Windows
PC. If apple filed for bankruptcy, that doesn’t
mean the complete and utter end of the company. The fall of the Lehman brothers was the largest
corporate bankruptcy in US history. The Lehman Brothers were once worth 691 billion. That’s pretty close to what apple is worth
now. The Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on
September 15th 2008. Its major assets were scooped up by Barclays
Capital and Nomura. General Motors went bankrupt in 2009, with
assets worth 91 billion. It was kept alive by government bailout loans. It returned to the public markets in 2010,
and now the treasury department still owns 32%. Another way apple could bankrupt is as the
result of an entire stock market crash and a deep economic depression, in which case
many of the world’s biggest companies would also go bankrupt, and that’s just a whole
other topic of discussion, maybe even a future episode of life’s biggest questions. In conclusion, It is extremely unlikely that
apple would ever go bankrupt. But as we at life’s biggest questions like
to say, never say never. For now I’m charlotte dobre, and you’ve
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