What is a trustee and what
is the trustee’s role in the bankruptcy process? Hi. I’m Eric
Engel, bankruptcy attorney with the Engel Law Group in Seattle,
Washington. Trustee is simply the referee in the bankruptcy
process, the person that is essentially the gatekeeper and
controls the process from the beginning to the end. It’s
important that you have a constructive, working
relationship with the trustee in your bankruptcy. You’re not able
to choose who is appointed as your trustee; they are
pre-chosen based on the area in which you live. One of the
things that trustees do are look for assets with equity. In other
words, they look for assets that have money attached to them or
equity. For example, a home that has a significant amount of
equity – maybe perhaps above the exemption limit in Washington
State. If the trustee can find those assets then the trustee
can force the sale of those assets and contribute those
proceeds to the creditors. I’m telling you this because you
need to be aware of what the trustee’s role is in the
bankruptcy process and understand what your rights
are in relationship with the trustee. We deal with the
trustee in the U.S. bankruptcy court on a daily basis. Give us
a call. We can help you when you’re dealing with a
trustee. Our phone number is 206-625-9800. Thank you
for watching our video.