today we are going to be talking about
alcohol withdrawal which is extremely dangerous and it’s one of the clear
indicators that you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol so stick
around in this video as I share my experience explain some of the science
behind it and some of the solutions stay tuned what’s up everybody it’s Chris
from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the
solution today is December 16th so in seven days
if I stay sober I will be five and a half years 100% sober from both drugs
and alcohol by the way anybody out there watching this and if you’re just
watching this and you’re struggling with alcohol or even drugs like and you think
it’s impossible like welcome to the club if you would have told me five and a
half years ago that I’d be even alive today I would have called you crazy so a
lot of my channel of what I do here is to not only give those of you who are
struggling with addiction some hope but I also do a lot of videos on how to
improve your mental health you struggle with anxiety depression of anything like
that but anyways I made another video about opiate withdrawal my primary
substance of choice that I started out with was actually alcohol I I’m the son
of an alcoholic mom I swore I was never gonna drink and clearly that didn’t work
out too well alcohol is it’s the most dangerous
substance out there and it’s also the most legal substance out there I don’t
think that as many people get help for alcoholism
as they need to because it’s so widely accepted around the world and because of
that it’s hard for people to really distinguish when they’ve crossed this
invisible line and developed a problem so for me personally my alcoholism it
progressed pretty pretty quick there was a lot of hard drinking and then it got
to a point where I couldn’t stop for me it really progressed when I received a
few promotions and a raise and I got promoted to a very high level position
at a very young age and I wasn’t ready for all the stress and everything that
came along with it so while I was you know 20 years old
19 or 20 years old when I got this big big big promotion I had just been doing
like the the partying drinking you know I was drinking with my friends drinking
with people who you know college age frat boys type stuff you know that’s
just what I did but my drinking really sorry progressed
when I was bringing home the stress from work and what ended up happening was
like I had to start picking up a tall can on the way home just to go get
blackout drunk and then it got so bad that I had to drink in the morning just
to prepare myself for the day at work so my drinking got really really really bad
so alcohol withdrawal for me it to be honest like I I was so ignorant and
that’s one of the reasons I do these videos I was so ignorant to what was
even happening to my body so the first real sign of like alcohol dependency
that I had was I was throwing up a lot and randomly and you know like some of
the stuff is disgusting but this is just the reality of what some of these
withdrawal symptoms are like like I was driving around because I worked at a car
dealership I’d be driving around in cars like still drunk from the night before
which is terrible right in customers cars so just let you know what’s going
on sometimes but anyways I’ll be driving the car and they would just come up in
my mouth just these little small like kind of throw ups and I would just open
up the door just peel out the car I’m like that’s the kind of insanity that we
get in when we’re in active addiction whether it’s alcohol or drugs like to me
that was just like oh something weird happening with my body and I was just
randomly throwing up throughout the day and it was disgusting and it was
terrible and yeah it was just it was a bad place now as this continued what I
started to realize was was even when I was drinking in the morning around
halfway through the day my hand would start shaking this is what we call
like body tremors like this is one of the key indications of alcohol
dependency so if you’re experiencing body tremors when you’re not drinking
this is one of the clear signs me being so ignorant about what was happening to
my body I just started going to the bar at lunch I would convince my friend like
hey let’s go shoot some pool and I was sneaking over the bar to get a drink
because I started realizing like okay I was I was literally shaking so bad that
I couldn’t even eat at lunch my hand was shaking I remember one winter I was
trying to eat soup and it just wasn’t even working I couldn’t wait I couldn’t
do anything but when I had more to drink that went away so I wasn’t thinking that
maybe this is a problem I was thinking oh my body just needs alcohol like I was
just completely ignorant to what was actually happening with my body so there
were all these signs and my addiction was just getting worse and one of the
other symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that is very bad and very dangerous is
the hallucinations I remember driving from Las Vegas to California to help a
friend move who lived in Los Angeles and I was on driving there you know being
mr. safety I wasn’t drinking while I was driving you know to another state but I
was hallucinating because my body needed alcohol I was legitimately seeing like
demons and stuff in the sky and it was scaring the hell out of me but again I
didn’t know what was going on as my drinking continued and progressed and
you know five and a half years ago when I finally got sober I was admitted to
the hospital because I was having heart issues but in that hospital I hadn’t had
anything to drink and that’s when the withdrawal hit me from alcohol not
opiates but alcohol cuz they were still giving me pain medication so the opiate
withdrawal was kind of being like a day but I was hallucinating so bad I was
coming in and out of these fogs and like I would start hallucinating and I was I
was trying to fight the nursing staff and everything and it was I can’t even
imagine what these nurses were going through they were trying to help me I
was trying to fight them and and leave my room and then I would kind
of snap out of it and they’d come back in and I would apologize to them like I
don’t know what’s wrong with me or why I’m acting like a lunatic they would
leave they would come back and I would start trying to fight him again and it
was just all bad so these are some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that
I dealt with but there are a lot more so nausea is very common anxiety is very
common insomnia depression the tremors that I talked about there’s
also delirium tremens alcohol is very dangerous too because it’s one of the
only substances where when you’re actually withdrawing you can have a
grand mal seizure which can be fatal aside from that too when your body is
trying to regain this equilibrium and figure out what the hell is going on
your heart is under an immense amount of stress so on one hand you have long-term
drinking which is damaging and weakening your heart and now when you’re coming
down from alcohol withdrawal your heart is working even harder so a lot of
people who are coming off of alcohol they can experience heart failure I
actually knew somebody who passed away from a heart attack just because of
alcohol withdrawal I have a video that I did when I first started this YouTube
channel about Nelson Ellis from True Blood he died while withdrawing from
alcohol so if you are somebody who is struggling with alcoholism if what I’m
talking to you about is resonating and you’re like dang I’m dependent on
alcohol I need some help or if you’re somebody and you know somebody who is
showing these symptoms and they need help you have to have to have to have to
get medical attention you should never detox from alcohol
alone it is literally the most dangerous substance that you can withdraw from so
you have to have medical attention even if you don’t want the withdrawal
medications they give you you need a nursing staff and doctors around to make
sure that your heart does not explode you need
you know this staff around you to make sure that you’re taking care of if you
happen to have a seizure like a lot of people trying to do this thing on their
own to prove something and they died as a result so how do they treat alcohol
withdrawal when you go in there first they’re gonna do a whole full assessment
both mentally and physically and see what’s going on they’re gonna check your
blood pressure my blood pressure was through the roof when I went to a detox
center they they legitimately thought that their their their machine was
broken they were like with your blood pressure the way it is right now like
you should be dead so typically they’re going to give you medications that are
going to lower your blood pressure lower your heart rate they’ll also typically
give you some anti-seizure medications now some of the medications alcohol is a
lot different than opiates so typically what they’re gonna give you to help with
the symptoms of withdrawal or medications like sometimes like lithium
which will help calm down the brain I’m just freaking out trying to figure out
what’s going on with alcohol well like with your withdrawal symptoms so in
other cases they might give you klonopin they’ll give you like these very mild
benzodiazepines so they’re not gonna give you a xanax but they give you very
very low dose benzodiazepines because what those are they’re tranquilizers and
they help bring you down as your mind and your body are freaking out all right
so when you go there and typically alcohol withdrawal symptoms they can
last anywhere from a week to two weeks depending on your own personal
physiology but this is why you keep following up with doctors if you go to
an inpatient treatment center that has an on-site detox facility or even if
they don’t like sometimes you’ll go to a detox and then you’ll transition over to
an inpatient rehab but it’s good to have a nursing staff with you at all times
when you’re in the first two three weeks of your recovery because some of these
symptoms come and go you know they might give you medications to help with your
insomnia your anxiety your depression and things like
just to kind of help balance you out it’s gonna take your body a little bit
of time to balance itself out so that’s where the medications really really help
so I hope if you just happen to stumble across this video I hope this helps you
understand why people keep drinking sometimes these symptoms of withdrawal
are so brutal that people keep drinking but if you know somebody like this I’m
not telling you to pity dabbler or have all this sympathy for them but
understand what they’re going through and how dangerous it is and if you can
share this video and potentially help them understand that this is something
that they need help with get up some medical attention I have other videos on
on this channel about how to get help you can also contact me personally I
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