[On-screen] Ask an Agent: What is Liability
Coverage? [Voiceover] My name is Biatris Guzman. My agency is located in Harvard, Illinois,
and I have a second location in Loves Park, Illinois. Automotive liability insurance is a component
on every auto policy that provides coverage to another party should our insured cause
an accident. It can help pay for things like medical bills,
damage to that other person’s vehicle, or other property damage. A great example of how liability worked for
one of our customers: Our customer had backed out of his neighbor’s driveway. He backed out and struck the neighbor’s
vehicle that was parked behind him. And, when he called us, we let him know that
the liability coverage that he had on his auto policy would take care of any damage
that he had caused the other person’s vehicle. The customer’s neighbor was able to get
the damaged parts on his vehicle repaired, and he was able to drive a replacement car
in the meantime while his car was being fixed. [On-screen] Learn more about insurance coverage
and concepts: www.allstate.com/askanagent