What is considered bankruptcy abuse and fraud? There are cases, however, where people abuse the system and continue to obtain and use credit knowing that they can’t repay The money they are borrowing There are also people who abuse bankruptcy to get out of situations that they have created themselves through bad faith and fraud The office of superintendent of bankruptcy (OSB) is responsible for supervising the administration of bankruptcy files in Canada and investigating cases where offences may have been committed It may intervene before the court in cases where bankrupts have failed to meet their obligations or when their conduct is deemed to be inappropriate Licensed insolvency trustees and creditors may also make representations to the court in such matters What are the offenses? The most common offence is committed under the BIA and criminal code are when the bankrupt fraudulently disposes a property before or after the bankruptcy, makes false entries in a statement of account or hides destroys or falsify the document Related to his or her property or affairs, obtains credit or any other good through false representations Conceals or fraudulently removes property or conceals claims or debts Obtains credit or engages in trade without informing the people involved that he or she is bankrupt, refuses to respond fully and truthfully to questions posed during an examination held in accordance with the BIA www.rumanek.com