Hey Tanya Jennings here from Ueconomylab. Welcome back to the channel. Look, if this is your first time here, please
consider subscribing I do put out regular videos and it’s all to help you build, grow, automate
and scale a successful online business and bring in that passive income through affiliate
marketing. But today I want to talk to you about a new
program that’s been launched and when I say new, it’s actually been around for about five
years, but it’s only just recently in the last two weeks been released to affiliates. And if you’ve been around on the online space
for a while, you may have heard of a company called empower network. It had a lot of transformational stories,
a lot of people had made a lot of money and had a lot of breakthroughs online. This is not empower network, but there are
a lot of leaders that are sharing this. The similarities between heal and empower
network because this is a transformational company, it’s affiliate marketing based. Now I want to just share with you what the
company’s all about, what you get, how much is it and be really transparent with
you. cause that’s what I do on my channel. It’s all about being transparent. What I’m learning online, what I and my team’s
earning online. You know, what we’re doing. And if you’ve hung around me for any
length of time, you know, I’m all about multiple streams of income and whether it’s passive
income recurring or high ticket, low ticket,like yourself. I get a lot of programs that come across my
desk, people wanting me to join this that and 0:01:42.219,0:01:46.619
the other, and you’ve got to try and cipher through them all. And you know, I don’t join everything that
comes across my desk. My company’s called Ueconomylab and it’s all
to help people build their own Ueconomy. And I’m very, very selective in what I promote. There is a lot of crap out there, there’s
a lot of things where people say, just push a button and money’s going to come flying
out and let’s face it, that’s not the case. You do need to put in the work, but with this
company they pay you 10 levels deep. And I’ll, talk about the compensation
plan and show you my results. I’ve been in this for less
than 24 hours. and what I’ve been able to achieve,
and look, my results aren’t typical, but you know, I just want to share with you the residual
income that’s coming in. So just let me share my screen. Here is the actual dashboard, so it’s called
discover heal and I’ll leave a kink below visit earnandheal.com. You can lock in your free spot and then you
can decide whether it’s right for you. It’s actually created by Stephen Munson back
in 2014. And as I said, it’s only been the last couple
of weeks that he’s actually released it now to affiliates to be to join. You’ve got various products, they have digital
products, actual physical products and then you’ve got the transformational events. So you can earn up to seven different ways. And I’ll just share what the actual comp plan
is with you. You can get paid up to seven
ways. You become a VIP member, it’s
49.95 a month. And from that you earn 33% commissions. And then you’ve got what they call the power
line, which is you earn 1% from people that attend 10 date in your downline, if that
makes sense. You’ve got 33% on digital products and I’ll
go through what those digital products are. and then you’ve got other income here. So you’ve got, apparel. So that’s T shirts and what have you 20%. And global events you earn 50%. Now these are transformational events and
there’s extra things that are being added, as it’s evolving. But if I go back over into my actual dashboard
I’ll just show you the actual products, And these are the physical plant based products. These are immunity boosting products and
it says, are you sick of being sick? So you can have a look through here they are
backed by over 40 years of scientific research. So they’re not just something that’s just
been created. they do actually work. obviously like anything that you,
that you’re looking at taking, whether it’s natural or prescription, you need to
make sure you get your doctor’s approval and make sure that it’s right for
you. But you can earn from these, you’ve got the,
apparel as well. You can earn 20% from that. And then I’ll just go into the actual, heal
VIP content So this is the 49.95 a month and
what’s actually involved in this It’s all transformational mindset training. So you’re actually getting physical training
with this program. It’s not just pay $49 a month and not actually
get anything for it. You’ve got videos in there from Jim Rohn.
and if I go through, it’s not just, five videos, it just keeps going, it’s a personal development,
transformational videos, personal branding tips on how to set your goals, then you
go into health, how to meditate, motivate, and you’ve got motivational
mindset, personal growth community, and it just goes on and on and on. amazing program. I’ve, only been in this for less than
24 hours and I’ll, show you in a minute, when I actually joined. at the current moment, it is
12.50pm in the afternoon. And I think if I just quickly flick over to
my emails. you can see he, when I joined, here we
go, I joined at 1:52 PM yesterday. That’s when I joined. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, so I’m still
going through all the content. and I will be for a while. It’s amazing, amazing content. and Stephen is very giving and he’s
in the groups and he’s always there and supportive. And that’s what you’ll find with
the group too, is they are very supportive of each other. and always there to help you. And I’ll go in, I’ll actually just show you
the group. This is a VIP group here. people welcoming people in,
there’s me welcoming some of my team members in here. that’s just, it’s a very welcoming
group. So that’s one of the trainings. That’s the monthly membership, which is
the heal. VIP with a coaching suitcase. And then you’ve got the Big Profile
Profits. And if I actually access the course,
this course is housed within Facebook. So if I go over here to start course, it’s
going to go into the Facebook group, Big Profile Profits This is how to actually get your Facebook
profile set up the correct way to be able to have people attracted to
you and actually selling through Facebook. I have organic and paid traffic, but there
are a lot of people that just use organic traffic on Facebook
to actually make sales. and this program actually shows you how
to set up your Facebook profile the right way to be able to do that, to be able to make
sales organically. So if I just quickly go through, you’ve got,
your brand recognition how to attract Buyers, message your money method, residual
daily routine. So what is your daily routine that you need
to be doing on Facebook daily, consistently to be able to make sales, how
to do profitable Facebook live streams, and just how to follow up with people and
there’s quite a few bonuses in here as well. Lots of training. Big profile profits is $199, but if you join
within, 48 hours, that was actually substantially cheaper. It’s about $99. Don’t quote me on that. That’s at the time of me shooting this, which
is the 5th of November, 2019 that could change. It could be higher or lower
Who knows? I’m just letting you know what I actually
paid. And then the next one is the 21 day
challenge, which is $399 again join within 48 hours and I think I paid $199, so
it was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. And thats your incentive to obviously lock
your spot in. And if I go over here into what the actual
challenge is, this is a 21 day challenge and it goes through all about mindset and actually
the transformation. And I think that’s what it is. It’s actually the transformation that
is going to take place within you joining the heal movement and the heal community. Look, you know, earning money online is great,
but it’s not all about earning money. It’s about what’s happening in here. It’s about, your growth as a person. and if I go through here, you can see
it goes day one right through to day 21 just go through
daily on, balance being fit abundant. If I keep going through, you’ve got Am
I enough? knowledge being resilient. It’s all mindset that are
taking it to a new level. And again,there’s a group for
this one as well, but I just want to go back over to my actual dashboard and just show
you, I’ll just go back over to my actual emails
so you can see here, heal VIP, congratulations I joined yesterday at 1:52
It’s now 12:56. I want to be fully transparent here. It’s not even 24 hours yet. And this is my dashboard. I’ve made $250 and 36 cents and I’ve got 18
people enrolled. you know, my results aren’t typical, but
I just want to show you what is possible and 0:10:48.880,0:10:55.141
I also want to show you over in my Facebook group, a post that I did earlier today, a message that I received from Allan. Well, Alan’s been online for a while. and he was quite excited. He said, look, $2 isn’t much, but not bad
for less than one hour after signing up. Now, Alan didn’t actually do anything
for this. He was watching a webinar while he was watching
these commissions come in. And these are just pass up commissions that
have come in from the Downline. And look, when I say he didn’t do anything,
he literally didn’t do anything. But I’m not saying that this is just come
on in and you’re going to earn money. You obviously do need to do some work. but I wanted to just show you what is
possible. That’s why I’m so excited about this. Big commissions are great and I’ve
been blessed to, have big commissions, but when you can have recurring
passive income, and being able to change lives with this transformational
training. For me, it beats the money, hands down. You know, when I got this from Alan,
I had goosebumps thinking, wow, that’s amazing. I know, it’s only $2, but
I know what that $2 can transform into These are some of the ones
that are, direct commissions for me, but a lot of them like Keiren and Sherisse,
I wouldn’t know who they are, but I made a $1.97. It’s obviously from the up line and because
I’m within the 10 levels deep, I’m getting commissions from those people. But when I go down here, you can see here
commission lost. So what I did is I locked my spot in, into
the heal movement, but I didn’t actually join…i thought I’ll just lock my spot in. I’ll have a look around and see what this
is all about. and these are what I got.
these are commissions that were lost. And admittedly I looked at that it’s only
$3.50, but it’s $3.50 that I could have had in recurring commissions. And I had someone that locked in their
spot earlier today and sort of the same thing, having a look around, seeing what’s
going on. And he came back to me and said, I’ve already
lost $13 in commissions. Where do I sign up? So he’s actually locked. in as a VIP member and set up to earn recurring passive income So there’s over 24,000 members that are in
this movement and we’re only just getting started. As I say it launched two weeks ago. There’s a lot of big leaders that have jumped
in and this is going to take off. So if you’re looking for something that’s
going to transform your life and bring in that residual passive income, then do yourself
a favor and at least check it out, lock your spot in and then decide if you want to join. , but I wouldn’t leave it too long. Lock your spot in. And then join within 48 hours and make sure
you don’t miss out on any commissions that are coming in. So I’ll leave a link down below to lock
your spot in Visit www.earnandheal.com So you’ve also got, the marketing material
that’s in here Hey look this is all done for you. You’ve got capture pages that are done for
you. I don’t want you to think you’ve got to
come in and you’ve got to get click funnels and you got to start building landing pages. It’s all done for you. You’ve got your own affiliate link. you know, you can post it direct to Facebook
or you can just share the link with people. These are all different pages here. You’ve got sales pages for the individual
products. So if you just want to promote the Facebook
big profile profits, you can, or the 21 day challenge entirely up to you. Or whether you want to promote
the VIP, you can do all that. You can promote whatever you want to promote. There’s a webinar, we’ve also got banners. So there’s different banners that are already
pre made that you can just embed on your website. there’s a video from Stephen, I’ve actually
shared this on my Facebook page and then you’ve got SWIPE copies. So these are all emails. These are all done for your emails that you
can use. These are how you actually access the,
the training. you can go in, you can see who your team
is. So who your sign ups are So I can have a look and see who all my sign
ups are You can see I’ve got 4 VIPs here. I’ve got one person that signed up for the
big profile profits and two people in the, 21 day challenge and they even have
welcome graphics. So when you’re welcoming people in, you can
actually just drop their photo into this template graphic. It’s all done for you. Thy’ve made it as simple as It can. and obviously this is evolving,
there’s going to be new things being added because as I said, it’s only been around
for two weeks. So in regards to the payments that’s what
you all want to know because let’s face it, that’s what we do want to know
isn’t it? Is when do I get paid? If I go down, here, the commissions, they
actually pay through, pay quicker. So you get paid Weekly and for me that’s
great because there are a few programs that I promote that, takes 45, sometimes
60 days to get paid, whereas this is weekly and you can either get it through, a debit
card. So depending on where you’re based in the
world, you’ve got an ATM debit card, that can be sent to you or it can go straight
into your bank account. If I go down here, these are all the different
countries that, are able to get paid So obviously Australia is here, which is
where I am, Sydney, Australia, lots of countries. If your country isn’t there, then obviously
you wouldn’t be able to actually join up for this. So that’s it. That’s my review on heal. But look, do yourself a favor, check it out And as I said, I’ll leave a link down below. Go through check it out and just see if it’s
right for you. Visit earnandheal.com
As I said, look,I looked at this and thought, yes, it fits in with what I’m, what I’m doing, what I’m all about. and you get to a stage where it is about
the transformation and it is about actually helping people because, like I said, with
Alan joining, you know, $2 and he didn’t actually do anything. and for me, that’s just priceless. And I know that that’s going to obviously
evolving into more commissions. So look, do yourself a favor, check it out,
link down below and, I’ll look forward to seeing you on the inside. Okay. And if you haven’t already, come on over and
join my you Ueconomy lab, Facebook group. There’ll be a link down below for that as
well. All right, I’ll see on the inside. Bye for now.