Despites its popularity, marijuana is still
illegal in many states. Because of this, people often look for ways to quickly detox from
it in order to pass drug tests. Unfortunately, unlike other drugs, detox could
take a relatively long time. This is because marijuana’s active ingredient,
THC, is stored in your fat cells, making it detectable in your urine long after you stop
taking it. Even after a week, your body still retains
25 to 30% of THC. In fact, for heavy users, full detox can take as long as 90 days. Some people try to speed up the process by
crash dieting for drug tests; unfortunately, dieting flushes fat cells into your system,
actually making THC more detectable. Since detoxing produces uncomfortable withdrawal
symptoms, it’s not recommended that you detox on your own. Especially if you’re someone who combines
drinking or using other drugs while taking marijuana. But here’s something to consider: If you have
to detox to get a job, what else might your marijuana use be affecting? Your relationships? Perhaps you should ask, “why do I smoke? Is
it to forget my problems? To cover unhappiness? It’s easy to forget that marijuana is an addictive
drug—in fact, it’s as addictive as alcohol. All detox does is remove THC from your system.
Without exploring the issues that led to the addiction, real change cannot occur. If marijuana use is complicating your relationships,
job and life, you should seek help.