– Hey what’s up YouTube fam. It’s Brandon Weaver once
again, and today we’re talking about original signed contracts. Okay so, credit repair. You’re askin’ for verification,
you’re askin’ for you know, please update this inaccurate information. Get rid of this stuff that’s
not supposed to be there. Please get rid of this unverified stuff. Now, when I was in my mid twenties, you all know I was going through
the credit repair process. And I sent a letter
directly to a creditor. Old school creditor, it had
been charged off and it went to a collector. But I sent it to the creditor
to see if they had an original signed contract. Well guess what? They sent me a copy of it, the company will remain nameless but it
was a store merchant card, and they kept good records. They had a contract with
my signature on it, they sent me a copy. They showed all the disbursements
of when I charged, when I paid, and all this great stuff. Now, it wasn’t a massive bill, but I used my deductive reasonings and I gave them
a call and I said listen. You guys charged it off,
you’re makin’ money on the insurance claim, you’re
makin’ money when you sold it to the collectors, xyz. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I know you guys made
money on this already. This is the balance of what I owe. I’m fortunate right now,
can I pay you this amount? You guys remove it, pay for deletion. Guess what? It happened, it worked. I went through it, I lived
it, I know this happened and worked and can work for you. I’m not saying that’s the only
way to do it, there’s plenty of opportunities out there. And we go over all those
strategies at 609creditrepair.com or you know, we can always do it for you. However, make sure you comment or email or something like that. We coach you guys, we help out,
that’s what we’re here for. That’s part of the process,
we all help one another get to where we need to be. Believe me, all the
subscribers help me keep doing what I’m doing. So, during this pay for deletion
process I told them I need something in writing. I happened to be at work at the time, I said fax something
over, they faxed it over, I signed it, faxed it back. Kept a copy of it, and sure
enough, low and behold after I paid it, maybe about a week or so later, it was gone. Miraculously gone, and I knew then that if they had a signed contract, a copy of it, that I had
to kind of play ball. But if they don’t, a lot
of you guys are asking for verification out there, you’re
looking for something that proves it. An electronic signature, a
physical signature, something, anything, but you’re not getting anything. And this is why it’s so important
that you understand your rights under the fair credit
reporting act, understand what you are capable of achieving
out there with your credit repair and we teach you that. 609creditrepair.com or
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