Hi, Jay Larsen here you probably landed on this video because
you’re interested in protecting your hard-earned assets and wonder in which state is best to do so. Well, in
this video I want to briefly explain why Nevada is one of the best states
for creating an asset protection trust. I’m a Nevada attorney with over two
decades of experience in the area estate planning, trust and estates, which
includes asset protection planning. There are currently over 15 states that
allow for the creation of asset protection trusts. However there’s a big difference in
state laws and there are a number of factors you want to look at when considering
which state you use to create or an asset protection trust. Some of these include the length of time
of the statute of limitations; also are there spousal and child support exceptions; are there other exceptions,
for example for pre-existing torts; also you may want to consider the ease
of use, for example does an affidavit of solvency have to be filled out and
executed every time you make a transfer to the trust; and what is the standard
of proof required for fraudulent transfer. When considering these factors
a few states stand out. However most experts would agree that Nevada is the best state
in which to create asset protection trusts. So why is Nevada considered the best? It
has a short two-year statute of limitations, there are no exceptions, you do not have an affidavit solvency every time you make a transfer to the trust, and Nevada has a very high clear and convincing standard of proof when it comes to
transfers. So, if you want to learn more about protecting your
assets visit my website at
www.attorney-lasvegas.com. There you will find out more about asset protection
planning, and trust and estate planning in general. And if you live in Southern
Nevada give us a call and I’m glad to meet with you to discuss how we can best protect your hard-earned assets. Thank you.