We are all looking for ways to stretch our hard earned money and when it comes to debt repayment, things
can seem overwhelming. Money Mentors is here to help. Our sole purpose is to help Albertans like you have a healthy financial future. Since we opened our doors, we’ve provided unbiased services to over 250,000 Albertans facing financial crisis. Why do Albertans trust Money Mentors? Because we are the only Alberta-based, not for profit credit counselling agency. If you are having trouble making ends meet and
paying off your debts, we can help! Our Orderly Payment of Debts program was created to help Albertans consolidate their debts. This program is exclusively offered and managed by Money Mentors on behalf of the Government of Alberta. Here’s how our OPD program can help you get out of debt. You’ll receive unbiased advice from Accredited
Financial Counsellors that’s completely confidential. You can choose to meet in person… over a Skype
call… or just talk on the phone with your counsellor. You’ll receive a guaranteed 5% interest rate on all
unsecured debts. Finally! No more collection calls from your creditors. All these benefits are available to you without
additional cost or start-up fees. So, how can a non-profit organization offer these
great services to you -for free? Well, here’s how it works: Because our OPD program is legislated by the Government of Alberta, the creditors must pay a fee to Money Mentors. This money is then used to help Albertans with free financial services Like our monthly financial seminars,
and our financial education program in schools. Our goal is to provide alternatives for Albertans
facing financial crisis, while creating a healthy
financial future for the entire province.