What is the role of an insolvency
practitioner? An insolvency practitioner is a person that has the qualification
that signifies that he/she has extensive experience in advised and individuals
and companies on what to do if they are approaching an insolvency
situation. If they do become insolvent then the most basic level of
work the insolvency practitioner does is to realise assets and to distribute the
proceeds between the people who are owed the money, but over and above that there
are all sorts of different things that the insolvency practitioner will be
involved in from examining how the company or the individual is conducting
themselves, whether there are transactions that need to be reversed to
increase the realisations and also in certainly in business trades in
situations the insolvency practitioner you will have to make judgments and
decisions on how best to realize or protect the company and protect the jobs
and minimize the damage from the insolvency situation.