I’m always open to talking about a certain
Mario RPG series on this channel. I’ve grown up with the first 3 installments,
played the later 2 and love this series… Mario & Luigi! What? I don’t always gotta talk about Paper Mario. Allow me to compare the two and talk about
their rates in quality and consistency. Side by side, I’d say the Mario & Luigi
series is, personally, the better of the two as despite how spectacular the highs of Super,
64 & TTYD were, Sticker Star & Color Splash I feel was a massive step back in multiple
ways for the series. Mario & Luigi, on the other hand, hasn’t
had that same luxury of having a specific game or two being vastly different from what
the series is supposed to be. Mario & Luigi’s latest installment, Paper
Jam, has become the least popular and critically successful Mario & Luigi game, discounting
the remakes. Despite that though, not only is it what you’d
mostly expect from a Mario & Luigi game, it’s by no means as big of a major shift in gameplay,
story, characters and atmosphere that Paper Mario’s had to endure. While I agree with some that it likely is
the worst Mario & Luigi game, I still think it’s a good one regardless. Mario & Luigi’s known for its original stories,
unique characters, slapstick and comedic, clever writing, interactive and quicker-paced
gameplay (compared to Paper Mario), and character development among the Mario cast. Paper Jam’s looked down on because it lacks
the original worlds, story and characters, but unlike the last 2 Paper Mario games, it’s
gameplay has remained consistently fantastic, the writing is still hilarious, and even among
the pre-established Mario characters, minus the Toads to a certain length, a lot of them
are well written with genuine personality and distinction along with the library of
them being large, varied and well-utilized. Unlike Sticker Star where the bare minimum
was used along with other issues, you’d still get the core Mario & Luigi experience
you’d get from previous games. The reason I address Paper Mario this early
is because besides Paper Mario being one of the biggest sticking points to you guys on
my channel, people compare Paper Jam with other Paper Mario games and the whole Risa
Tabata thing with implying the whole weightless idea of “Paper Mario can be experimented
because Mario & Luigi exists” so fans have this sacrificial mentality of “we’d only
get one Mario RPG on the system” or something ridiculous and flawed. I know there will be some who will wonder
that or ask where I put it on that scale where I don’t think there’s any justification
or reason in doing so unless you’re comparing the character variety or something. Paper Jam is literally not a Paper Mario,
no Mario & Luigi game plays like any of the Paper Mario games, Paper Jam’s the 5th “Mario
& Luigi” game in the series. It only has Paper Mario in it with connections
to Sticker Star with its characters, both series are RPGs with Mario characters in it,
but that’s it. Whether for quality or tier placement or the
idea that we’re only gonna get either Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi, that’s not how it
works nor would it serve any good. Its flawed logic given Sticker Star and Dream
Team exist on the 3DS, along with Paper Jam and the remakes, and Mario & Luigi’s far
from at risk of failing or dying like Paper Mario so there’s no justification or exaggeration
when it comes to that. Even with all this, the other 4 installments
in Mario & Luigi have boasted most of the traits I listed. The thing that separates Mario & Luigi and
Paper Mario apart from quality is consistency. Mario & Luigi has been a consistent series. Now with all this said, I love this series. Alongside Paper Mario & other Mario genres,
the Mario & Luigi series is one that stuck out to me of being one of Mario’s best. It has plenty of originality, a bunch of unique
ideas, loads of charm, plenty of laughs and comedy, some heartfelt moments here and there,
but especially character-driven moments and development with the main Mario cast. Couple all of this together with how long
it’s been since Paper Jam, when will the next Mario & Luigi game be and what can we
expect? I’m aware Alpha Dream worked on the Mario
& Luigi remakes not too long ago, but you gotta remember those are remakes built off
of Paper Jam’s engine, which was directly built off Dream Team’s. Also considering they cut/altered content
in those remakes compared to the original and each remake came a year apart from each
other, along with Paper Jam and the Superstar Saga coming 2 years after the last entry as
opposed to Mario & Luigi’s usual 4 year time gap, those didn’t take that much time
to complete compared to newer Mario & Luigi games. Also, last July of 2018, Alpha Dream put out
job listings to expand their team for help working on games for smartphones, PlayStation
4 and Nintendo Switch. The fact this job listing was put out a year
ago and they finished the Bowser’s Inside Story Remake early this past year, something
tells me we won’t get a Mario & Luigi game for a good while. I have no doubt the next title will be on
Switch, glorious console graphics in full HD, hopefully retaining the game’s trademark
cartoonish art style and bouncy charm along with it. When though makes me think either 2021 or
later. Honestly, Mario & Luigi’s take a while to
make and if they’re struggling to make the jump to newer hardware along with the fact
that they want to expand their team, it makes me think it’ll be a good while until we
hear anything about Mario & Luigi. I could very well be wrong however; I’m
just making educated guesses. Now we’re left with the what. What is there to expect from Mario & Luigi
Switch? Mario & Luigi’s have a habit of incorporating
some kind of gimmick into the gameplay and story to make it distinct from the others. Partners in Time had the Baby Mario Bros & the
DS’ Dual Screens. Bowser’s Inside Story had the same thing
but also Bowser and practically 2 different worlds to travel between the main one and
Bowser’s body. Dream Team was largely built off Bowser’s
Inside Story with the same types of mechanics and gimmicks & such, just mostly with different
themes plus motion control. Paper Jam even had Paper Mario and translating
Paper Mario into the Mario & Luigi format. Superstar Saga was the first game in the series,
but it didn’t try anything mechanically fancy. The only fancy thing it did was introduce
that Mario & Luigi charm. Looking at the Switch, they’ll likely try
some fancy gimmick with either HD Rumble or Motion Controls, hopefully the former. Mario & Luigis utilize the hardware it’s
on and like Superstar Saga, it’s going back to a single screen. However, this will be the first console-caliber
Mario & Luigi game so maybe there could be some idea or gimmick in mind with utilizing
the series within full, proper 3D on an HD console. Or maybe they’ll refrain from any big gimmicks
and just somewhat go back to basics and just solely replicate Mario & Luigi’s atmosphere
and style on a home console like how Superstar Saga was simply the first game on the Game
Boy, a single screen portable handheld. I’m predicting something with HD Rumble
at the very least, but I don’t need Mario & Luigi to be too gimmicky. Dream Team’s Bros/Luiginary Attacks were
mostly motion controlled, which they ended up fixing in Paper Jam. So, I’m fine with Mario & Luigi playing
as standard as Mario & Luigi can mechanically be. New Bros. Attacks and abilities and such are to be expected
of course, like any new Mario & Luigi. What about story? Characters, plots, what can they do to make
things interesting? The obvious request; I’d like new characters
and a new antagonist, which Mario & Luigi games do regularly. At the very least, if they’ll reuse older
characters and antagonists, which they likely will, I want them to expand upon their character
or provide some unique narrative twist that we haven’t seen them do before. Like what Dream Team did to Bowser really
developed his role as the secondary to primary antagonist after it’s previous installments. But given people disliked Paper Jam because
it lacked original characters all over the board, there should likely be some new characters
of some kind, at the very least an interesting villain. Personally, what they could do, and I’d
make this an exception, is revisit the Shroobs since they’re not dead. In Partners in Time, the Elder Princess Shroob
promised revenge at the end of the game but in Bowser’s Inside Story, there’s an optional
boss fight with a couple normal Shroobs in a cryogenic freezer. In there you see a plethora of different types
of Shroobs with the Elder Princess all the way in the back. They gave Fawful a crazy revenge plot and
he’s one of the most popular Mario antagonists so they can probably get away with doing the
same for Elder Princess Shroob. They have that Easter Egg they can use to
create a revenge plot and do some crazy conqueror type story with Mario & Luigi taking back
the Mushroom Kingdom bit by bit, maybe even Bowser holding down an alliance with them
or with the enemy. The Elder Princess and the army could even
thaw out, but retreat, rekindle their forces, maybe even expand their ranks beyond their
own alien race and conquer the kingdom out of spite against Mario and especially Luigi
for practically wiping out the Shroob mushrooms because of baby tears. Strengthen Luigi’s character like in Dream
Team again, maybe Mario & Luigi could travel in space too. A Mario & Luigi space adventure would be dope,
like if Mario Galaxy turned into an RPG like Mario & Luigi kind of. And the Shroobs intercept the Comet Observatory
and Rosalina lends aid to Mario & Luigi against the toxic mushroom aliens. I think that’d be cool. Or give Peach a bigger role as her previous
capture and “fight” against Princess Shroob and being trapped could give her drive and
motivation to fight for her own kingdom. Hey, Peach in the RPGs has done far more than
what she usually does in mainline entries. Look at Paper Mario, Super or TTYD or Super
Mario RPG, hell even Bowser’s Inside Story or even Dream Team where she wasn’t captured
or helpless. At least give her something. As a matter of fact, bring in more characters
from main games. Mario & Luigi games are known for utilizing
pre-established characters and doing a fantastic job at it too. Toadette actually had a role in Paper Jam,
the Koopalings were in Superstar Saga and Paper Jam and actually had proper, charismatic
personalities, Professor E. Gadd played a key part in the whole time travel thing in
Partners in Time, even Birdo was a secondary boss alongside Popple in Superstar Saga and
Dream Team did a good job re-establishing Mario & Luigi-specific characters like Broque
Monsieur, the block and hoo people, Kylie Koopa, Popple, Starlow, etc. Hopefully the characters continue to be well-written
and efficiently used like before. Would like some kind of interesting plot with
good character moments and development again because moments between the Mario Bros. and
even Bowser are where these games shine the brightest, sometimes even with the main antagonist. One sick idea would be to make Wario and Waluigi
star an antagonist role for once, characters filling roles people have been begging for
to happen for like a decade now. Wario and Waluigi being villains in Mario
& Luigi goes like butter on bread. That leaves a lot of potential to make them
stand out as the bros.’ villainous doppelgangers and give them a major role outside of sports
titles and Warioware. You can’t forget the trademark Mario & Luigi
slapstick comedy and funny writing either. Also expecting some kind of interesting location,
whether the game takes place on an island or a different kingdom like Superstar Saga
and Dream Team, or the locations try to be a little more than just your typical grass
plains, desert, snow world, forest, etc. Bowser’s Inside Story did some more weird
themes looking at Plack Beach and having all these rotted teeth along the coast or Bowser’s
Castle transforming into a castle for Fawful with Bowser’s minions betraying him in tow,
not to mention you were inside Bowser’s body half the game or look at Dream Team with
the entire island surrounding sleep, bedtime and dreams so the locales were themed around
pajamas, dozing, beds, etc. Something a little extra depth than the bare
minimum world variety and distinction most 2D Mario games do. And of course, a glorious soundtrack. Yoko Shimamura has yet to disappoint me with
Mario & Luigi music, every single game’s soundtrack sounds utterly orgasmic so I think
that’s the safest bet anyone can make. And that’s all I can say. I mean, I could prattle on about how I’d
love the first 3 games to be put on Switch remastered/remade because they’re not only
fantastic games but Partners in Time never got the remake it deserved like it’s older
and younger siblings, but Mario & Luigi is a fantastic franchise all the same. It’s yet to do me much wrong, even with
Paper Jam’s faults, so I’m curious to see how they’ll tackle the bros.’ next
turn-based adventure. Though I don’t think it’ll be for a good
while. I think we’ll get Paper Mario next year,
it’s been a good while since Color Splash came out, I’ve already said my piece on
Paper Mario’s next installment, Intelligent Systems, it’s date and what to expect but
not only do I think that won’t stop Alpha Dream from continuing Mario & Luigi, it sounds
like the next Mario & Luigi game is still a decent ways off from releasing. But I hope it retains the series character
development, solid plot structure, hilarious and charming writing, fun and well-designed
gameplay, cartoony aesthetic and overall legacy. What do you think? Anything else we may get out of Mario & Luigi? Any other hopes or expectations I may not
have mentioned? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for
even more videos on Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, and other Mario & Nintendo related content. Stay super.