I want to surrender my home in my bankruptcy,
when do I have to move out? Well, you want to make arrangements to move out as soon
as possible to you can transition into your new home. But, they can’t force you to move out until they file a Motion For Relief From the Stay and
procede with foreclosure or if you agree to a short sale or a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Now you want to be careful with homes because there
is alot of liabilities that can incur after bankruptcy. Any liabilities on your home that are incurred after the date of
filing your bankruptcy are still going to be your responsibility. For example, HOA Fees, property taxes, any sort of personal liability for activities at
the home like if someone gets injured or if there is a fire. So you want to get that home transferred into the bank’s name as soon as possible so it is
a clean break and you don’t incur more debt after you have already discharged your other debts.