so the certainly won the right time to
file for bankruptcy is a personal decision it’s a case-by-case basis
it’s different for everybody but generally the rule is the sooner the better if you
have credit card bills and you’re only making the minimum payments on it you’re
not going down and debt if you’ve received medical treatment and you know
that these medical bills are coming down the pipeline it’s important to go to an
attorney and assess your financial situation and the reason for that is is
that most people try and put off bankruptcy they don’t want to do it
because they think either they’re afraid or they don’t want to admit to
themselves that they’re in the situation they bury their heads in the sand or
they’re just ashamed bankruptcy unfortunately has a lot of negative
connotations to it but the truth is that it’s a federal program to help
individuals and to help Americans climb out of debt and start a new beginning
if you’re feeling overwhelmed if you feel like you can’t climb out of the debt
that you’re in if you know that you know you’ve missed a couple mortgage
payments and people are starting to call it’s important for you to go ahead and speak to an attorney because most of the people that we speak
to just wish they had come in sooner people try and put it off by doing
things like taking money out of their 401k they try and negotiate the debt
they try and consolidate the date or that or they take out personal loans to
cover the credit card let and just move debt from one type of debt to another in
reality if you can’t make the payments on your credit card if you can’t make
the medical bills you’re gonna be stuck on this wheel that will continue until
you either dig yourself in the deeper hole or the sheriff comes knocking on
your door with a warrant and debt saying that you have to go to court and
someone’s suing you for the money and at that point while filing bankruptcy is
still definitely the best option for you you have to work on the creditors
timeline if you come in earlier and we assess your situation you’re then
working on your timeline and see to see what the best time is for you
to file what the best outlook is and you’re not forced into a corner by the
creditors actions but you’re making the decision and taking control of your life
our job is to make sure that after the process of bankruptcy our clients are on
solid financial footing and the way we do that is we make sure that you know
that you’re not in this alone that we are here to help you that there
are programs that the government has and the courts have set up in order for you
to get out of this and start a better life