Hey guys, Kevin here from Family Credit Repair
dot com. And today we’re going to talk about, when will a discharged bankruptcy fall off
your credit reports. According to that Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit bureaus must
stop reporting on a bankruptcy that’s 10 years or older. So officially, after 10 years
the bankruptcy will no longer show on your credit reports. But here’s the good news.
Credit bureaus on their own accord, will often stop reporting on certain types of bankruptcy’s
after 7 years. And here’s another thing to keep in mind, after a bankruptcy, creditors
are supposed to stop reporting on the discharged accounts….however, they rarely do this.
And they will tend to continue reporting on discharged accounts illegally which will bring
down your scores more and more even after your bankruptcy. This is one of many reasons
why you may even want to consider a credit repair program after a bankruptcy. We specialize
on fixing these errors and many others that bring down your credit score even more after
a bankruptcy. Thanks for tuning in. And if want even more credit repair tips and advice,
visit our website: Family Credit Repair dot com. Have a great day!