[upbeat music]Aaron, looking pretty sharp,
man. This is Stacy Kinsel.
– Hi, I’m Stacy Kinsel. – Nice to meet you, Stacy.
– Nice to meet you. – In business,
companies will often hire a forensic accountant
when there are discrepanciesin the accounts.Aaron claims to be grossing
$500,000 a year but he’s only seeing $30,000. The question is,
where is that money going? – We went through all of these
bank statements, and we’ve prepared
a fairly detailed spreadsheet of all of the transactions. This shows you
the amount that was deposited into your accounts, which is,
on average, $34,000 per month. – Month?
– Not a year. – The [bleep]?
– You’re making a lot of money.Either Aaron was hiding this
from me,
or he’s totally in the darkabout his own financial
situation more than he realizes. When you look at your expenses,
though, you’re spending $34,303 a month. $34,000 come in,
and $34,303 going out. – Yeah.
– And there’s a great number of withdrawals from your account
that we can’t account for. There are checks that are
written that we don’t know who the payee was. – $16,000 is unknown
per month. – Over 100,000
in this time frame. – This is the level of detail
you need to start getting. – I actually do. Yeah.
– And you have to figure out where that unknown is–
what is that money? Which brings up something
you’re not gonna want to hear. Since your bankruptcy, how much debt do you think
you’ve accumulated? – Probably 150 grand. – Wrong. $227,000. – [bleep].
– That means $113,000 a year. – I see that.
– You can’t file for bankruptcy again–you know that. – Yeah, I know.