-The federal government
should not be making money off the backs
of our students. -We’ve got to stop telling
the college lie here, folks. -Students are getting squeezed. -What we have to do as a country
is roll back that debt. We are going to roll back
student-loan debt for about 95% of students
who have debt. That’s part one. And part two is to make sure
that we never get in this mess again
on student-loan debt, and that is to make college
universally available with free tuition and fees and to put more money
into Pell grants so that students of color, so that our poorest students
have real access to college, and that we put
some real money into our Historically Black
Colleges and Universities. If we put that 2-cent wealth tax
in place on the 75,000 largest fortunes
in this country — 2 cents — we can do universal childcare
for every baby 0 to 5, universal pre-K,
universal college, and knock back
the student-loan debt burden for 95% of our students, and still have nearly
$1 trillion left over. -I believe that we need to work toward a tuition-free system
of public university, college, apprenticeship, and certification programs
in this country. -I have fought hard
with some success to move toward
making public colleges and universities tuition-free and very substantially
reduce student debt. -If you are coming
from a low-income family that you could actually get
access to a community college or a state school debt-free
for incomes $125,000 or less. -I do support debt-free college. -The fact that
community colleges aren’t free all across America
to me is unacceptable. We should have that as our goal. -Bring back President Obama’s
plan for free community college. -Refinance all federal debt at the going rate
at the Fed window. -We need to allow students to refinance
your student-loan debt. -The fact that you can’t refinance
your loans is objectionable. -Allow students, no matter how
old they are, former students, to refinance
their student loans. -If I can refinance —
when interest rates change, I can refinance the debt
on our house. Then it stands to reason
that you should be able to do that
with student debt, too. -The second thing I would do
is expand Pell grants. -The significant increase
in Pell grants would make a big difference
for college accessibility. -If you’re willing to do
public service for a year, you should be able
to get two years of a community college
or state school for free. If you’re willing to do two
years of public service, four years free.
-People that go in this path of —
-Like Senator Warren. -Public service, right. People that go into
those careers, that’s loan forgiveness. I strongly support that. I think we can do, also expand
that into in-demand jobs. And I wish I could staple
a free college diploma under every one of your chairs. I do.
Don’t look. It’s not there. I wish I could do that,
but I have to be straight with you
and tell you the truth.