Which is better? A lawyer or a debt settlement company? Can a debt settlement company stop the harassing calls? No. Can a debt settlement company defend you if you get sued by your creditor? No. Can a debt settlement company leverage a bankruptcy on your behalf, or even file bankruptcy? No. When you hire a debt settlement company you have given up the most powerful tool that you have in your arsenal against your creditors. Oh, of course, the lawyer is licensed so if you have some dispute with your provider be it a debt settlement company, or your lawyer, your lawyer you have a remedy you can go to the bar and complain about your lawyer. Finally, your lawyer because they have the ability to fight back, file harassment claims, file bankruptcy generally is going to get you a better settlement, that is, they’re going to solve this for less money. It’s obvious, a lawyer is clearly better than that settlement company if you’re serious about getting out of debt