– Awesome. So, if you’re just joining us here today, you’re watching another
edition of Social News Interviews and we’re talking
here with Avineet Kalsey, a Certified BIA Credit Counsellor, who works at Business Solutions and Credit Counselling Services. So, Avineet, obviously
you’re helping Canadians with their issues with debt relief and financial difficulties, would you mind sharing with our Canadian viewers, who might be an ideal candidate
for your services. – That’s a great question, ERock. We provide services to
all walks of life and that can consist of age groups anywhere from 25 all the way up to 70 years old. You know, the clients that
we get into our office, people who are calling our
offices for services or just getting information,
they can have an extremely horrible financial
situation to just seeking advice or being proactive,
trying to avoid any dilemmas that they may see
arise in the near future. So, we help people who
have gotten themselves into substantial consumer debt that can consist of credit card
debts, high interest cards, department store
cards, which is also very high interest, lines of credits, any personal loans, as in consumer debts, any government-oriented taxes, GSD, payroll, or personal taxes, income taxes, all of that would fall under the category where we can help people restructure and renegotiate the debt down to a level they can handle and make them afford the monthly payments and get them back on their financial feet again. (dramatic music)