I’m interested from a more practical
aspect if we take into consideration things that have previously happened
with technological advances especially regard to cost to the consumer so as a
person who drives his own car how would the potential of the self-driving car
impact things like insurance costs because one could imagine that an
insurance company at some point in the future when we get to stage five as you
described it wouldn’t even potentially allow someone to operate a car on his or
her own especially if we can reduce fatalities such level because we’re
looking at a disparity between the ability of a person to get drunk and
have an accident versus a machine perfectly executing something like that
so do you think that one should draw a line or is it gonna be a hard level flip
at some point are we gonna have to have this discussion where we say maybe
humans shouldn’t drive at all anymore it’s a very good question before we talk
about the cost is the question of liability today it’s the industry works
like this a lot of you can put a lot of liability on the driver yeah so because
the driver is driving so when the driver is not driving who is liable or what is
it the OEMs the manufacturer of the car or easily like is it a company like uber
or vamo we’re offering the AV autonomous vehicle fleets or is it the
tier 1 supplier who supplied the braking system or is it a tier 2 company like us
who built the software for the braking system who’s liable that question is not
answered till today so if the insurance companies has to take the liability I
think this is this will will be interesting to see how that develops it
will if we reduce cost or it will not reduce cost I tend to say that since you
can put the liability on the driver today insurance companies or anybody
would be would be more interested on the on that and it’s also a question if the
if the OEM the manufacturers or the operators will have to take that much of
a liability will AV actually happen in reality I don’t know this is what what
we have to see because it’s unrealistic to give all the liabilities to the
vehicle manufacturer it’s unrealistic to give all the liability to tier 1
supplier and who’ll take the liability I mean so far if there are means of cause
there were millions of people where you can distribute the liability in a way
that was what didn’t harm the industries in innocence or well it was not good for
the individuals and which made the individuals more responsible probably
now we don’t know who to sue when when something happens who do you sue you
can’t sue the driver because he is not driving who do you sue is the question