So why use Saedi Law Group to refile
your chapter 13 case? Good question. I always tell folks when I meet with them
that everybody has a different style every attorney has a different style and
it is important that when you meet with an attorney that you click that you feel
comfortable talking to them because you’re going to be doing a lot of
talking but that you feel comfortable that they’re gonna to handle your case all
the way to getting it approved and then also helping you maintain it so you need
to have a good you know feel for your attorney. With that said, in bankruptcy
court at least here in Georgia you’re usually gonna see three types of
firms you will see what we call a bankruptcy mill, these are mega firms and
they file hundreds and hundreds of cases every month they have lots and lots of
attorneys lots and lots of staff so that’s what we call a “bankruptcy mill” on
the far side of that spectrum you’ll have the sole proprietor so it’s just
one person and of course with one person you know you’re always gonna meet with
that person but those are usually you know much smaller case loads because it’s
just one person so you have that dynamic as well
our firm I think the third type of firm that you will find in in this area is a
mid-size firm in that we have more than one attorney but we’re not a mega firm
we’re right in the middle so we purposely don’t file hundreds and
hundreds of cases because if we did we wouldn’t be able to give the quality
service that we provide our clients so one of our I think big selling points if
you want to call it that is that when someone comes in and meets with Saedi
Law Group whoever they meet with that attorney that’s going to be their person
that’s going to be their attorney so yes of course we have other staff other
attorneys and there will be times in the case where they need to reach out and
get information or assist on an issue but your point person that one person
you’re gonna deal with have any if you have any issues you go to that’s going
to be the same person through your whole case and I know a lot of our clients
really appreciate that because it prevents them from having to call or
speak to all these different people telling the same story to multiple
well that drives me nuts as well and so it really provides nice personalized
service I think one of the other issues that clients have when they’re dealing
with attorneys is lack of communication you’ll hear nobody told me I didn’t get
a notice and and we believe it when we hear that from clients who are coming in
to refile we know that that that that is an issue especially with lawyers however
one of the things that we do I like to tell clients that we’re gonna stalk you
we’re gonna send you text we’re gonna send you emails we’re going to call you
because we want to make sure that our clients know about hearings that are
coming up know what they need to get to us so that you know we can get your case
approved and we get it we know you’re busy we know this is stressful we get it
so we really try to stay on top of our clients to make sure that we can get
them through this process with the least amount of stress as possible and of
course everything like I said before everything goes down to the feel you
know how you feel when you meet with the attorney you know some people have very
different styles so when you’re looking to refile a case you know definitely I
tell I tell my clients you know go online you know look at reviews also you
know talk with a couple of attorneys and see you know see who has that that
better feel so none of our attorneys are fresh out of law school
we are all dinosaurs I think at this point we’ve been practicing bankruptcy
law for a very long time so you’re not gonna have some young green attorney
that just doesn’t have the experience dealing with the trustees dealing with
the judges in regards to writing your case all of us here at Saedi Law Group
are very experienced we’ve been doing this a very very long time
and we’re in court every day so that means that we were able to stay
up-to-date on updates in the law updates and procedures so we can let our clients
know asap if there’s been any kind of change that could possibly affect their
case our staff I think our staff is the highlight of our law firm
I don’t hire nasty people I don’t like don’t like it when I have to deal with
the company and you get some anybody that’s rude or dismissive anything like
that we pride ourselves on having a really nice team of course we understand
clients get stressed or whatnot and we’re here to try to help you with that
I have a great group of people assembled they’re very nice they’re very
understanding they’re very knowledgeable so I think that that really plays into
helping our clients feel at ease and be able to navigate their cases
successfully so we take a holistic approach to bankruptcy and what I mean
by that is we’re not just filing a case for a client what we’re doing is we’re
helping a client deal with their debt issues but we don’t just dump our
clients as soon as the case is over we actually there’s another step in my
opinion and that is to make sure the client has the tools to be able to
rebuild their credit to get back on track to know the little things they
need to look for things they might be asked for because they have been in a
bankruptcy I hear from a lot from clients that have been at other firms
that you know it was just kind of like there you go and that’s it and and there
was no assistance in that regards so we we really try to make sure that clients
that they get the entire financial help it not just filing documents and going
to court with them because I think bankruptcy is so much more and as a
bankruptcy attorney I think that that’s really just one of our duties is that we
we need to help clients never have to come see us again you know I don’t want
a repeat client because I really want someone to go through this process and
then be able to move on and rebuild their credit and go on with their life
because that is really what bankruptcy is all about if you have any questions
about filing bankruptcy please please feel free to either send an email or two
the information that’s down below I’ve got my email address down there or you
can always call our office and we’re happy to go over options with you our
firm also does video consults which our clients seem to really love because
that gives them the convenience and also is just a lot more comfortable for folks
I think to to be able to sit and chat with an attorney who they can see just
like a regular consult except you’re in your home or office so we always offer
that as well