If you cannot pay your credit card debt
then debt settlement is not for you. Most people come to debt settlement because they think they have no other
option for dealing with their credit card debt. But typical debt settlement plan ask you not paying your credit cards to set that money aside to build up a lump
sum settlement amount You need ask yourself “If i cannot afford to pay my credit cards
how can i afford to set that debt settlement money aside for a future lump
sum settlement?” It could take a minimum of six months
and up to a year or two for you to save enough money to be able to negotiate
a lump sum reduced settlement of the amount of credit card debt you owe. Very few people can afford the purchase of or payment for at least some monthly
necessities for that long to save enough money for a lump sum settlement. As unbelievable as it may sound, selective non-payment of credit card debt you cannot afford to pay is a better option that debt settlement for dealing with that credit card debt. Learn why banks have a great deal of
difficulty actually documenting individual consumer credit card debt to court standards to win judgments
against consumers who owe and why that reality makes threatening
debt collectors easy to defeat with the proper written communications. My name is Mel Thompson. I have helped many people get control of
credit card debt they cannot afford to pay. Read my Credit Card Debt Survival Guide. Visit my website blog for more information.