there’s some chance that i agree a
little bit would david better highlight them apples uh… republican family values senator from
louisiana who slept with several prostitutes or did i mention that again anyway but in this case is about this auto bailout is ass backwards is
his first week in the money that we tell them hey we’re going to demand that you
restructure later he said why don’t we demanded the
restructuring now and then we give them the money and i know that there is a real reason
for that which is that they need the money now as opposed to later right i agree with that we should at least
duit at the same time say hey look if you’re going to get this
money here are the rules and regulations that go along with it so i think i was
about this cuz now i see republicans their role where they actually matter
and can be productive that you might not necessarily agree
with david bitter in this case but here’s the counter-argument that is
needed for the debate in this it’s not a crazy stuff they were doing
in the past have that just you know every solution everything is cut taxes
invade new countries when you get to this bailout stop i like
it is a countervailing influence their and i don’t think that is outlawed so what’s also interesting is what ford is
doing cas remember how uh… of the big three
we have to bail out now the bailout was so he’s gonna go forward except some republics and as my hold up including dinner well four decides maybe they don’t want that bailout could it have something to do with the
fact that their ceo was illegal for making twenty one million dollars a year
the one dollar you think well maybe i could do without
the bailout and that admit it then but now he said that i would
look at those other countries doesn’t stop at that uh… forty the found that i wouldn’t
that you will lose forty one million dollars ford says hey you know what maybe we
need a bailout overall animal affords enough for the better shape than g_m_
and chrysler are having him credit because they’ve been on the right have a
little bit more now read up on that and and i give him credit for that but think about this for a second if they weren’t alright shave and they
didn’t need the bailout money why did they ask for the first place and do you think the fact that we will
limit the exact of compensation might have something to have been saying
i mean we don’t need the money after all an answer to that is everybody knows
it’s a little heartless and something to do with it that we gotta make sure to watch these
guys is if you don’t pay their rodney they would take money that it be
apparently do you need but it was then that was our very high
on the panel meeting and take my twenty one million dollars
note the novels and i don’t need cdmlight credit for being better shape
than other c_e_o_s but no credit for uh… for its civilian the money in the first
place dolls on back and i want to say rasam