My name is AJ Leon and I’m the founder
of a company called Misfit and I’m also a trustee in the Shakespeare Birthplace
trust I’ve been a trustee for the last two years
I love the SBT and I love being a part of the organisation I’ve been a
volunteer and I volunteered my time on and off for the last 10 years
and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it for me
Shakespeare and a very non figurative sense changed the entire trajectory of
my life had I not been served him up when I was 15 years old by a wonderful
teacher as a punk kid growing up the in the United States I don’t know I don’t
know where I’d be right now so to be a trustee at this organization means a lot
to me at a personal level also I love love working with the SBT because of the
Omni lateral nature of the work I mean you have the houses actually in
stratford-upon-avon but there’s also the Education Department the research
department run by Paul Edmondson a friend of mine you have you have the
collections department and a lot of cultural outreach and programs right now
and I know you know I work in the heritage space and I meet a lot of
people and kind of cultural heritage right now I think the SBT is one of the
most exciting cultural organizations to be a part of in Europe and I’m honored
to have a seat as a trustee