>>Now that Joe Biden appears to be the front
runner in the Democratic primary, and keep in mind the Democratic primary is not over
yet. The Republicans have decided to start their
attacks. And they have become incredibly vicious because
Joe Biden is a target-rich environment. Now, if some of you are wondering what I mean
by that, journalist Walker Bragman put together this compilation video that’ll show you exactly
what I mean.>>We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by, go, you know,
you know, the thing. Tomorrow, it should return Tuesday.>>All right, Jack, thank you very much.>>All right, it’s Chris, but anyway.>>Chris.>>My name is Joe Biden, I’m a Democratic
candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over here, like we, see helped out
it, now vote for the other Biden. I love this place, look, what’s not to like
about Vermont? One things’ I’m proud of stuff Is getting
past, getting moved, getting control of the Paris Climate Accord. I’m the guy that came back after meeting with
Deng Xiaoping. And making the case that I believe China would
join if we put pressure on them. You had people like Margaret Thatcher, excuse
me, you had people like the former chairman leader of the party in Germany. Go to Joe 30330. That’s what happened when those kids from
Parkland came up to see me when I was Vice President, and some of you covered it.>>So Biden tells the story or some version
of it a lot. He says that he went on this military trip
and it was dangerous but he wanted to go anywhere. And he goes to the Kunar province of Afghanistan. And hears about how this this man had climbed
down into a ravine to rescue a fallen soldier. And he comes back up and he doesn’t want to
get this medal because he feels so heartbroken that his fellow comrade has fallen. That’s about three different really heroic
war stories all kind of pushed together into one anecdote.>>Joe Biden has made all sorts of statements
about his activism in the civil rights movement. Now, in the beginning of his career, he made
similar statements that he’s making today on the campaign trail and then he got caught
lying. And for a huge chunk of his political career,
he stopped telling those lies.>>This day 30 years ago, Nelson Mandela walked
out of prison and entered into discussions about apartheid. I had the great honor of meeting him, either
great honor being arrested with our UN Ambassador on the streets of Soweto. The only black African American woman that
ever been elected to the United States Senate. A whole range of people. My point is-
>>That’s not true, that’s not true.>>Play the radio, make sure the television,
the excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the-
>>So that will be the situation on the debate stage in the general election. If he becomes the Democratic nominee, he will
be up against Donald Trump. Who I’ve said a million times I get it, he’s
not some brilliant, intelligent guy, but he’s vicious. And he is able to form complete sentences
without forgetting what he’s talking about, without having the type of stumbles that you
just saw in that lengthy video compilation.>>Yeah, it’s not one or two times,. Look, I don’t care what the mainstream media
says about anything, and certainly not this. It’s impolite to point out that Joe Biden
is having significant issues with his mental faculties. Do you think Trump is going to be polite to
him? Do you think the Republican Party is going
to be polite to him? No, they’re going to rip him apart in the
general election. Last night after his victory, he said, now
this my little sister Valerie and pointed to his wife. No, no, we’re having significant mental faculties
issues. Okay, we are. So they’re not wrong to bring up senility,
what is going on? He’s gonna vote for the other Biden. I mean, he doesn’t know which state he’s in. He doesn’t know what the hell’s going on. And this is the guy that the establishment
thinks is definitely gonna beat Trump. But Bernie who does so well with independents
can’t beat Trump, makes no sense at all. No, we’re gonna point it out, that all those
things that he said there were really problematic. Walker is right to put together the video,
and I don’t care what anybody says about it. That’s the reality of Joe Biden, and it is
a big, big problem, and he will lose to Donald Trump. We can’t have it.>>Well, this is out of control. How much have we as a country lowered the
bar for qualifications to become president? Because, let’s say, in the ideal scenario,
if Biden becomes the Democratic nominee, right? So, first of all, I don’t think that he’d
have an easy time beating Trump, but let’s say best case scenario he does. Is everyone okay with Biden being President
of the United States when he’s having difficulty remembering the name of politicians that he’d
be dealing with on a regular basis when he has a hard time remembering which state he’s
in? He can’t remember the Declaration of Independence? That’s a huge issue, right? So even in the best case scenario, we’re in
a lot of trouble with him leading the country. And by the way, we’re having a discussion
about whether or not this is polite. I don’t care, this is to choose the right
person to lead the country.>>Yeah.>>For at least four years.>>Yeah, now the establishment is having conversations. To be fair, everybody’s having a conversation
of well, look, if Biden picks a really good smart, young, able Vice President, he might
be okay. Wait, so our backup plan is to pick a good
Vice President for the senile president?>>No, but that’s not even our backup plan. We don’t get to pick who the Vice President
is, right?>>Yeah.>>So our best hope is that someone who we
did not elect will end up being the leader of the country if something happens to Biden. That’s it, is that what we want, really?>>Look, we just saw the 25th amendment has
almost no chance of ever being used. Donald Trump, you could’ve easily made a case
for the 25th Amendment and I did over and over again. And you remember the oringes of that story. So, I mean, the guy says unbelievable things,
not just stupid things. Mixing up words like oranges and origins over
and over and over again. And they thought it was a coup to do the 25th
amendment. No, if you’ve got a senile President, you’ve
got a senile President, it’s over, right? And that’s your good case scenario. The bad case scenario is senility costs us
the election and the monster Donald Trump is back in office, who’s both arguably senile
and malicious.>>And I think that that would be the most
likely scenario if Biden were to be the Democratic nominee. In fact, the attacks have begun. Yesterday we spoke about how Donald Trump
has began attacking Biden, on Twitter. Someone in his campaign put together their
own compilation video. Trump’s campaign manager just tweeted out. Another compilation video showing all of these
gaffes and mistakes that Biden has made on the campaign trail. And then you have a conversation in that included
Brit Hume. Yes, he’s into the latex vixens. But he also makes a really good point here,
even though his panel is like, No, this is, this is inappropriate, but listen to what
he says because he’s right.>>Two kinds of Biden gaffe, so the kind he’s
always made.>>Correct.>>And maybe this one tonight was one of those. He’s prone to that and always has been, no
big deal. But more recently we’ve seen cases in which
he didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know->>Well, listen, Chuck over here has
>>That those are more disturbed because it suggests that he may be Non compos mentis,
or at least, or his head isn’t>>That’s the way it is with voters, with
Joe Biden.>>But how many of the people that voted for
him tonight would agree that he’s senile, or getting there?>>Wow, I think that’s a little-
>>Yeah, I don’t think they would think he was senile. I think that’s a little harsh. Hey, that’s Joe, we know Joe. Joe knows us, as Jim Clyburn said.>>And it doesn’t matter if he knows where
he is or not.>>Well, no, of course-
>>Okay, all right->>All right, we’ve gotta go.>>Listen, I don’t think that.>>We’re gonna wrap-up there.>>No, so look, even though it’s Fox, they
are still in the club.>>Yeah.>>So what Brit Hume is saying is a legitimate
question. And they are like, whoa, whoa, whoa, Joe Biden
is in the club. By the way, will they turn around during the
general election? Guaranteed, if Biden is a nominee, every one
of those people except Juan Williams will turn around and go, well, we can’t have it,
can’t have it, can’t have it. But right now, when you mention it, they’re
like, whoa, Joe, whoa. But Brit Hume is also right to point out two
different kinds of gaffes. Biden’s always made gaffes, like talking about
how every 7-Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts has someone who’s Indian or has an Indian accent
in Delaware. That’s a gaffe, that’s a thing you shouldn’t
say as a politician.>>Or as anyone.>>Right, confusing New Hampshire for Vermont
when you’re in a super election, important election in New Hampshire is totally different. Confusing your wife for your sister is totally
different, that’s not a gaffe. That is potentially issues of senility, and
Juan Williams’ argument here, and he makes good arguments overall, but not this one. He’s like no people will say, we know Joe. Yeah, I mean I’ve known a lot of close family
members and family friends who wound up having issues with remembering things, right? And I knew them but then they couldn’t remember
anyone including me. So that’s very sad. But probably a lot of you have gone through
that. As much as you love that person. Would you have that person be the candidate
against Trump or the President of
the United States?