Okay, you guys know me for being one of those
famous guys that bitched about Paper Mario turning to garbage over 3 and a half years
ago. Forget the fact it & Smash 4 is what started
giving my channel life, it garnered a lot of attention and reception and reached a wide
audience. I ask, for anyone who knows about that or
anyone who can vibe with me on this, to emit that same, passionate energy and spread the
word to Nintendo or the public of how much people care and love Mario & Luigi this time. Mario & Luigi is a franchise I love very much
and hold dearly to my heart and thousands, millions even, feel the same. We got gut punched with heartbreaking news
that AlphaDream, the studio behind the Mario & Luigi series, has gone bankrupt. The company failed to fulfill a 400+ million
yen debt and were forced to file it. This really does suck. Now we don’t know if AlphaDream could somehow
bounce back and this bankruptcy will ultimate equate to nothing in the near future, if another
studio could take the reins instead or if Nintendo will buy what’s left of AlphaDream
and it’s employers and supply them with new jobs. We’ve yet to hear Alpha Dream officially
shut down so there’s a tiiiiiny small chance of this being a big deal over nothing, but
it’s very likely the AlphaDream that filed for bankruptcy is officially done. It makes some sense given the recent Mario
& Luigi remakes sold extremely poorly and they likely played a huge factor in that,
but it’s still really unfortunate. I don’t know if Nintendo ordered them to
continue making whatever 3DS titles they wanted or if Alpha Dream wanted to remake the first
and third entries on their own accord completely separate from Nintendo, I don’t know. Could be both, but either scenario is possible,
personally wanna say the latter, but I literally can’t confirm or tell you confidently. Whatever the case was, making remakes on a
system that was well on it’s way out because the Switch was picking up steam then, that
decision was a really, really, really, REEEEEALLLLYYY bad one. The Switch, again, was the only thing on people’s
minds in 2017 and people stopped caring about the 3DS at that point. That whole movement surrounding getting rid
of the 3DS sooner than later to pour the resources on Switch instead; the idea of the Switch
being the primary console came because of the expanding Switch install base and the
dying, inactive 3DS userbase. It didn’t matter if the 3DS was really well
sold, people stopped playing and giving as big of a damn as they did several years ago. But this is such an unfair situation for everyone,
for AlphaDream’s employees, for Mario & Luigi fans, for the Mario & Luigi franchise and
for the current state of Mario RPGS. Mario & Luigi is a very creative and consistent
franchise. It’s a sub-genre where many, many fans come
together and enjoy a different kind of Mario story with unique RPG mechanics and other
than the remakes and Paper Jam, it’s done incredibly well with sales and reception. It’s shown better results than Paper Mario
as well, each game prior to Paper Jam sold over 2 million, Partners in Time selling just
under, but Bowser’s Inside Story selling 4.5 million and Paper Jam still cracking 1
million. Compared to Paper Mario, which sold with each
game, 1.3 million, 1.9 milion, over 4 million, over 2 million and under 200,000 copies, Mario
& Luigi is proven to be the more successful of the two between quality and sales. It’s only the remakes that amazingly dragged
AlphaDream’s revenue through the mud. It’s just the remakes that did really bad. It sucks too because I can’t escape this
looming thought that I jinxed it. Literally, videos taken moments before the
disaster; that’s exactly what happened.I made a video 2 days before this news came
up talking about the potential of Mario & Luigi on Switch, Mario & Luigi 6, all optimistic,
hopeful and everything, only to be castrated and brutally knocked unconscious 2 days after
the fact, which sucks. I don’t work for Nintendo, Alpha Dream or
anyone so don’t act like this was done by me out of spite or something because of Paper
Mario or something stupid, because I didn’t. I don’t have that kind of power. But the irony surrounding that video and this
whole situation though, god it kills me. It kills me in the most ironic, sadistic way,
it hurts. Taking that out of consideration, it’s so
heartbreaking and hard to believe solely because of not only Mario & Luigi’s pedigree and
how creative & amazing AlphaDream’s team is, they consist of ex-Square Enix members,
but Mario & Luigi was the last Mario RPG to effectively be alive. I can’t stress, as hard it is for some to
believe, this is legitimately worse than the whole Color Splash debacle, the whole Paper
Mario situation, and I was a whole part of that whole debacle. Paper Mario’s strayed from it’s RPG roots,
Super was half RPG half platformer, but Sticker Star and Color Splash completely stripped
Paper Mario of any RPG roots left and were labelled as action adventure games for good,
valid reason. At least because of how vocal and massive
the outcry against Color Splash was, Paper Mario stands a chance of coming back because
of it’s faithful and passionate fanbase. If Alpha Dream completely shuts down and can’t
be salvaged, if Mario & Luigi goes with them, Mario RPGs are effectively dead in the most
literal sense possible. This isn’t some case of a team not listening
to the feedback and criticism of fans or the franchise dying due to no ambition or stagnation,
even with the remakes. This can effectively mean Mario & Luigi will
never get a new game ever again if things don’t get better from here and Mario RPGS,
the actual Mario RPG sub-genre of Mario games, will die all because one side of it has gone
experimental because the development team behind it wanted to make it experimental and
the other side failed to repay debts and game development was just getting more and more
expensive. And for some weird, mind-blowing reason, some
people are using this situation as an excuse or good reason for Paper Mario going back
on the right path, like this somehow has some positive correlation to Paper Mario and with
one RPG series dying, now the development team has no reason to make it experimental
now. Go on Twitter, Reddit or Facebook, I guarantee
you’ll find like I have a shocking number of people that believe this. Let me underline this right now. I want Paper Mario to come back, my mind has
not changed on that one bit. I love the first three games, Thousand-Year
Door especially, incredibly much. I wouldn’t have made all of those Paper
Mario videos if I didn’t care about Paper Mario as much as I did. That’s never going to change and don’t
pretend I’m shifting gears from loving to hating it, because I don’t. But do not act like this has some effect on
Paper Mario in any capacity. That is straight horseshit and people have
to stop acting like this is good for Paper Mario, jokingly or not, seriously or not. It is so disrespectful to both Alpha Dream
and Mario & Luigi fans and I fail to understand why the comparison’s made at all. Paper Mario has absolutely nothing to do with
this whole situation. Paper Mario’s developed by an entirely different
studio. The state of Mario & Luigi has nothing to
do with Paper Mario in any form. And people are using that excuse Risa Tabata
made up as if the entire team, even as if select individuals who stuck with Paper Mario
long before Color Splash up until now, feel this way which is straight up not true. The only time it was implied Paper Mario digressed
from it’s RPG roots was in that interview between GameXplain and Tabata but she never
worked on a Paper Mario until Color Splash, she had no prior knowledge on past Paper Mario
games and that statement was made out of ignorance & lack of understanding between the two franchises. I’ve said all this before too. There’s little to no reason backing that
claim up, made by someone who didn’t have a big role in developing Color Splash really,
comparing two RPGs that are nothing alike made by different studios, yet people are
acting like because Mario & Luigi exists, Paper Mario can be revived again when that
was never the case. I sound harsh when I say all of this, I apologize
and no disrespect to Tabata either, never meant it as such, but it’s inaccurate and
false to claim or believe Paper Mario can benefit from this when it could’ve, and
did, when Mario & Luigi was alive and both functioned as RPGS and people are supporting
a baseless excuse made on the fly contextualized by an inapt comparison. It is up to Intelligent Systems to create
a Paper Mario we want, or at least a good Paper Mario whatever structure it may take. Alpha Dream & Mario & Luigi have nothing to
do with it and people need to stop treating like it can be replaced by Paper Mario and
vice versa. And even if it somehow did correlate, Mario
& Luigi and Paper Mario are not the same game whatsoever. Mario & Luigi is an RPG series of Mario that
because of how long AlphaDream has stuck with it for nearly 2 decades, it’s not something
you can easily replace or replicate. AlphaDream is not a big studio, it’s comprised
of under 50 people, but because they’ve been very experienced with this series, they’ve
marked their own distinct style and charm of making it looking at the comedy, the writing,
how well they’ve brought these Mario characters to life, etc. Mario & Luigi is very unique
from most RPGs as well, incorporating the duo bros. system and an interactive counterattack
system where most RPGs just allow the enemy to attack you with a chance of them missing. Ever since Superstar Saga, they’ve managed
to mostly evolve the gameplay as well. Partners in Time introduced Bros. Attacks via items as well as separate gameplay
characters & styles, each Mario & Luigi introduced various abilities, Bowser’s Inside Story
allowed you to play as Bowser, it also introduced Giant Battles, Boss Rush arenas, the badge
system, etc. Dream Team was the first pseudo-jump to 3D
for the series, which expanded the giant battles concept, was unique with it’s dream theme,
incorporated motion controls, gave both Mario Bros. their own, unique Bros. Attacks individually, Paper Jam introducing
Paper Mario and fleshing out Paper Mario’s own mechanics even further and honestly better
than within the Paper Mario series between his overworld abilities and own attacks, the
card system, among other things. All these games introduced new ideas at giving
the game some creativity and even though the core gameplay structure remained the same
and rigid, it’s been able to maintain that solid foundation along with giving different
ways of making each game distinct, interesting and legitimately fun. And people idolize Mario & Luigi not just
because of how fun, interactive and unique it’s gameplay is, but how charming the series
is as a whole. Similar to Paper Mario, this series is famous
for new, original stories, expanding the lore of the Mario universe, having good quality
and hilarious writing, slapstick moments, even some dramatic and tear-jerking moments
with a cartoony aesthetic you can’t get anywhere else. Paper Mario’s famous for it’s story telling
and characters, sure, but we all know Paper Mario’s writing and storytelling is not
the same as Mario & Luigi. Paper Mario has moments of comedy and slice
of life, but has typically told it’s story like a storybook, legend or prophecy depending
on the game. It had stakes and was meant to be taken seriously
(as serious as Mario goes anyways) with moments of laughter and lighter atmosphere to keep
things happy and lighthearted. Mario & Luigi leans more on visual and verbal
comedic writing along with trying to expand and evolve Mario’s worldbuilding and pre-established
characters. It focuses more on the confines of known Mario
characters alongside original, new characters and giving them growth, interactions and development,
we literally don’t get anymore. Superstar Saga, Mario, Luigi and Bowser formed
a temporary alliance for sharing a common enemy but the game emphasized how big of a
joke Bowser kind of was in that game, and the focus was someone entirely different and
seemingly a bigger threat. The game took place in a neighboring country,
the Beanbean Kingdom, run by a Queen and inhabited all these wacky, zany characters wackier and
more out there from Paper Mario on Nintendo 64. Chuckola Cola, Prince Peasly, Fawful, Popple,
the Queen Bean, Cackletta, etc. It all starts with Peach losing her voice
and Cackletta the evil witch trying to use it for the Beanstar to reign over the Beanbean
Kingdom as well. Partners in Time, famous for having a darker
tone and setting overall as it was the demise of the Mushroom Kingdom of the past, present
and future because of tyrannical mushroom aliens. Mario & Luigi having to team up with their
younger selves, but giving way of some wholesome interactions between the four and still introducing
new, crazy characters like Kylie Koopa, Stuffwell, Professor E. Gadd, the past and present Toadsworths,
the various types of Shroobs, etc. Bowser’s Inside Story, the most popular
game of the bunch not just because of the gameplay, but the story and characters it
told. Bowser’s Inside Story is the revenge story
of Fawful, the secondary antagonist of Superstar Saga, righthand-man of Cackletta now taking
the primary antagonist role hellbent on taking revenge against Mario and Luigi by overtaking
the entire Mushroom Kingdom with Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle in tow. Stealing Bowser’s minions from him, planning
every move out like the calculated mad scientist he is, harnessing the Dark Star’s Power,
and basically winning. Not even kidding, Fawful was as close, if
not closer, than when Bowser took over the Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario 64. It had stakes and climax. Bowser, who was often seen as a joke or took
a backseat, now is taking the role as a pseudo-protagonist as unaware of Mario & Luigi controlling him
inside, takes his castle and kingdom back almost on his own. Even with how crazy and threatening Fawful
was, he’s still as zany, charismatic and unique as ever with his speech patterns and
Bowser, Starlow, Broque Monsieur, Toadsworth, Midbus, and other characters give many different
ways of expressing their own charm, personality and comedy still. But the development they gave to a secondary
antagonist in this game along with Bowser was immensely enthralling to say the least,
with Dream Team continuing that trend. New characters like Dreambert, the Big Massif
Bros., the Zeekeeper, Antasma, etc. Antasma being this big threat to Pi’ilo
Island and forming an alliance with Bowser, but sick of being betrayed and used as fodder,
Bowser turns the tables on Antasma and near the end becomes the next, legitimate threat
and eventually recognizing Luigi as an equal threat alongside Mario. Luigi himself was given a major focus as not
only did half the game take place in his dreamworld, you saw pieces of his subconscious, how deeply
he cares for Mario, how scared and cowardly he started out the adventure but towards the
end is brave and courageous enough to earn Bowser’s respect and face the dangers head
on. Literal character growth. Paper Jam unfortunately lacks any original
characters or any big type of story, but characters still had personality and good moments. Bowser and Paper Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Paper
Bowser Jr. the two Peaches, the Koopalings, Toadette, the bosses, Starlow, the two Kameks,
etc. The game still had great writing and charm
to it all the same. Even the remakes, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings
as heir to the Koopa throne got development too. But the primary attraction to this entire
series other than Bowser is Mario and Luigi themselves. The two bros. emote and act much more cartoony
and expressively than any other Mario game for the longest time up until recent years
outside the series, but there’s many moments where Mario & Luigi look out for one another,
display unique quips and traits, between each other and to other characters, along with
fleshing out the two brothers in ways again, other Mario games do not do. If almost each Paper Mario game was told like
an anime, which is it, with bits and small pieces of continuity, then the entire Mario
& Luigi franchise is told like an anime, with each game serving as an arc. It is very unique & so beloved because of
how much it focuses on further-defining these pre-existing characters along with coming
up with original ones and giving the Mario universe more depth and personality that you
rarely get in most other Mario games. Mario & Luigi tells it’s own story, it’s
own characters and strengthens the Mario cast we know and love in ways we can only get in
Mario & Luigi, with it’s unique and fun battle system, charming and hilarious dialogue,
engrossing atmosphere, cartoony charm and pure personality. Mario & Luigi matters because of all of this. This is a series that needs to be salvaged
because of how successful it is barring the remakes, how much it’s served the Mario
brand and how popular and how much people love this series. Nintendo, I’m begging you, please hire what’s
remained of AlphaDream’s staff, give these people a job continuing making games and don’t
let the Mario & Luigi series fade out of existence. It sounds like I’m making a big deal out
of nothing, I WANT this to be a big deal out of nothing. I’d rather that than make a big deal out
of something that could effectively suffer and die because of Nintendo not acting on
this. You managed to hire back some staff from Hudson
and put them under ND Cube, the staff that works on the Mario Parties again, but albeit
different circumstances with this, they didn’t buy back Rare years ago when they split. So even Nintendo hiring AlphaDream’s staff
under a new division isn’t a guarantee, which I’m trying to speak up and ask that
they make it a guarantee. Mario & Luigi is a beloved RPG series that
will do a lot more harm than good if they don’t bail out AlphaDream now. Nintendo is a multi-billion dollar company
and AD needs to pay a 400+ million yen debt, which equals 4+ million USD, which Nintendo
has a lot more than that. Either that or hire them under a different
division. Mario & Luigi, is the last piece of Mario
RPGs we have and we’d be losing a Mario sub-genre if it crumbles too. Nintendo, please, for the millions of Mario
RPG and Mario & Luigi enthusiasts, do not let Mario & Luigi die. Hire the AlphaDream employees too, it’s
best to keep the same people who’ve worked on the series for so long and know how to
represent the characters and franchise as effectively as possible. To put out job applications a year ago and
have new concepts for a new Mario & Luigi game take place only for business to be too
difficult to continue is extremely unfortunate. If a Mario & Luigi game got on Switch, I guarantee
it would do better than any previous installment. But please, don’t squander and let any remains
of this talented studio slip through your fingers and risk either underdelivering in
the next game or killing the series altogether. It’s not worth it. It matters to so many people, people don’t
care if there are two Mario RPG series, they deliver completely different experiences,
gameplay, stories and characters. They can coexist together just fine, they
have for over a decade already. Just keep Mario & Luigi alive. It has too much love and care, between the
development team and fans, to just toss away. I may lack the influence of plenty other Youtubers,
but speak up and let Nintendo know we want AlphaDream to continuing living under Nintendo
and we want the Mario & Luigi series to stay alive. I made and/or support three different hashtags
yesterday to show my support. I don’t know if it’ll get trending, but
I’m willing to at least try and reach a lot of people. #SaveAlphaDream , #SaveMarioAndLuigi , #IHaveFury. The first two especially. If Nintendo knows of how much people want
this series to stay alive, there’s a decent chance they’ll respond and give the AD employees
the job they deserve and the franchise the life it deserves to keep. Let everyone know how fantastic Mario & Luigi
is, how much you love the series and how valuable and important it is to just let sit and die. We don’t want Mario & Luigi and AlphaDream
to cease from existence. Please hire the staff and don’t let Mario
& Luigi die. Stay super.